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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Style For Bathrooms

Friday, June 15, 2018

Adding French Country to a bathroom can be as easy as adding accents. Ready for ideas about which accents/accessories will give your bathroom French style? It is easier than you may realize. 

Begin with one piece of French Country furniture to add instant French decor. A small chair or an ottoman gives you a place to sit near a bathroom's vanity, and either a chair or bench is an easy way to add French Country charm to any space. 

For small spaces like bathrooms, one small chair or bench makes a big impact in setting the room's style. 

French Country Style for Bathrooms begins with a small toile bench

F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   S T Y L E 

 F O R   A   B A T H R O O M   

A bench with curvy legs and a curvy silhouette is a classic design in French Country style. 

French Country blue and white toile fabric bench is upscaled with coordinating braided cording
A curvy bench in a solid color is French Country, but to give your bench more French Country style, cover it in toile. Toile fabrics have been used in French homes since the late 1700s and come in many color combinations including neutral tones of beige with brown and black with white.  

Pattern, not color, is the key to what defines fabric as toile. Pastoral scenes in any color add French style, but blue and white toile is one of the most popular color combinations. 

Add cording to outline the bench's upholstery to define the curves and upscale the look. Voilà, your bench is trés chic

French Country comes from new French linens as well as vintage linens
An inexpensive way to add instant French Country decor is to use French linens, both new and vintage. 

You do not have to find vintage linens to define your French Country style. Fine linens are not a thing of the past; France is still renowned for fine linens. 

French Country style from a new French towel a lavender embroidered design
When you think of lavender, you may think of fields and fields of French lavender used to make perfume and to make sachets. A  hand towel embroidered with a bundle of lavender conjures images of the French countryside. 

French Country style only takes one vintage French linen towel
If you are lucky enough to find vintage French linens, it only takes one hanging on your linen closet door to add French Country style to your bathroom. 

a simple berry wreath adds French Country style to a bathroom door
Iron hooks on bathroom doors are another inexpensive French Country accent. Look for hooks with curvy details for subtle French  design. 

Eiffel towers, fleur de lis, and numbers can also be used, but French  Country style is often understated elegance like the white iron hook. 

You can always change the color of a hook with spray paint, so look for the style first, and customize the color as needed. 

French Country style door hooks are great for both decorative and functional purposes
Hooks can be used for decorative or functional purposes. On the outside of bathroom closet doors, display a simple wreath with a touch of color. 

Keep wreaths simple to avoid them getting in the way when you are in a hurry during your morning routine. Materials should hold up in humid bathroom conditions and should be easy to keep clean with just a few quick wipes. 

On the inside of bathroom doors, use hooks for towels, bathrobes, and small laundry bags. Hidden from public view, but easily accessible to make your bathroom more functional. 

French Country lavender sachets and soaps add French style to a bathroom
Fragrant lavender soap and sachets are quick, easy, and inexpensive French Country accents that complement the French embroidered lavender hand towel. 

Use French Country glass soap dispensers for French lavender soap in a bathroom
Transfer liquid soap into a pretty glass bottle with a French-inspired dispenser. 

Save money by buying large refill sizes of your favorite soap, and, at the same time, help save the environment by using fewer plastic bottles. One large refill size is often the same amount as in four or five small bottles. 

Use French Country lavender soap and sachets in a bathroom
Lavender bath salts come in paper packages that are too beautiful to throw away when empty. 

Set a filled bath salts package atop a blue and white striped bath cloth or hand towel to add both a light fresh fragrance from France and a touch of color to a white vanity. 

French Country style in a bathroom is easy with seven design ideas
If you are traveling to France this summer, try shopping in large department stores for quality new French towels. Of course, be sure to set aside a couple of days for visiting flea markets or street  brocantes in Paris for vintage linen napkins, towels, and sheets. 


You can bring French Country to your bathroom without structural changes to the room. All you need is a handful of French accents. 

  • One French-style chair or bench 
  • Toile fabric 
  • New French towels 
  • Vintage French linens
  • French lavender soap 
  • French lavender bath salts 
  • French-style soap dispenser 

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French Country style in a bathroom is easy with seven design ideas


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Vintage Red Stripe Linen Towel (not shown) - from France at Botanic Bleu Market {disclosure: If you buy items from the Botanic Bleu Market, I am compensated.}

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