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Refinished Oak Floor in the Living Room

Monday, April 10, 2017

Upkeep to houses is an never ending task, and updates can set into motion a series of interconnected renovations. That's how refinishing the oak floor in the living room came about at my house. What began as a half bath renovation quickly spread to include a complete update of all the flooring on the first floor of the house.  

Yesterday the contractor sanded the living room floor, applied white oak stain, and applied the first coat of clear polyurethane satin sealer.  Here is how the floor looked at that stage. I love it! 

Here is the oak floor after being sanded, but before the stain and sealer were applied. The wood is still beautiful after thirty years. With maintenance and upkeep, wood floors usually last at least one hundred years, which means the cost for a solid wood floor over time is less than other floor materials like carpet and tile. 

When we built our house thirty years ago, we installed oak flooring in the living room and dining area that is part of the living room. The Long Tall Texan installed the floor which saved about half the cost of the wood floor. 

My passion for W H I T E began long before reading blogs or seeing beautiful white kitchens on Pinterest. When we built our house all those years ago, we white washed the oak floor in the living room. I wanted to white wash all the pine posts, beams, and ceilings, but the Long Tall Texan preferred leaving them natural. 

We compromised. We left all the posts, beams, and ceilings with natural wood finish, and painted or white washed the wood floor and other areas. 

We white washed the solid wood six-panel interior doors throughout the house. Whitewashing was popular in all the home decorating magazines at the time, and I still love the look of white that also allows the woodgrain to show through. 

Those white blotchy areas in the photo are sunshine, not discolorations in the floor.  

A satin finish, instead of a high polish, fits in with all the natural wood posts and beams in the house. The satin finish has a slight sheen to give a finished, clean look to the floor. 

There is one more day for the last coat of sealer to dry, and the furniture can be moved back into place. 

Plus washing the windows, woodwork, curtains, etc... and then there is paint touch up on all the baseboards. 

I'm tired just thinking about everything to do to clean from all the sanding.

Yet, I'm also excited to have a nice new refinished floor in the living room.

And, the half bath renovation is almost complete! 
Can hardly wait to share how it turned out... 

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I hope you found some ideas for your own home. 
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  1. Judith, I'm confused...are you whitewashing the floor again? I have always loved whitewashing regardless of the trends that come and go. We are trying to decide what to do to the wood floors in our new house. I'd love to know what you think. Instead of dark brown, we've been considering Minwax Gray but I worry that will go out of style in a heartbeat. Whitewash might be the answer.

  2. Beautiful floor! The whole space is wonderful! Lots of beautiful windows, cathedral ceiling, etc...

  3. Well, Judith, I think you are right on trend again. It was popular a few years ago and I have seen a lot of whitewashing in various magazines in recent months. I really like the look. Renovating can be exhausting, especially when the project balloons into something you didn't expect. The end result will be wonderful.

    Fair Meadow Place

  4. I love your white stained floors. And what awesome widows you have.

  5. It's beautiful, Judith! But that sight brings back some distant memories of 5 years ago when we had our floors refinished. I spent over 40 hours just covering doors and every other orifice possible to minimize the dust. It goes without saying you'll be moving twice and going nowhere, but it sure will be nice to get your home back!

  6. It's looking fabulous! I'm so envious that your project is moving along so quickly! I'm still suffering through my never ending project. Can't wait to see more update photos, Judith!

  7. Look forward to seeing it all finished and I am sure you will be VERY glad!!! I feel your pain but your excitement too.

  8. Wow, this has become a big project. We need to have our wood floors refinished, but I get overwhelmed every time I think about it. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  9. Those floors are stunning!! So beautiful! I know it is a total pain, but everything seems to be coming together beautifully!! Love and hugs!

  10. Our floors turn 90 next year and we really need to have them refinished.

    Yours look fantastic.

  11. Beautifully done. Your home glows and radiates sunshine!!

    I really do love the fact that you left some of the natural wood. The contrast between the natural wood and the "white" in the room really pops and catches my attention. Plus, the contrast really gives the "whites" an even fresher, cleaner, vibrant look. what you're doing!! :-)

    Marilyn (in Dallas)


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