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White Snapdragons Inside a White Metal Urn

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My sister saw some white ceramic planters at Home Goods and after thinking about them all night, decided, "Yes, I have to have them." That is how our next day began that ended with white snapdragons inside a white metal urn. 


Our shopping trip began at Home Goods. We quickly filled two shopping carts with the white ceramic planters we came for, and left them at the cash register to take a quick whirl through the store to see if we needed anything else. 

A quick left from the check-out counter, and a right turn down a main aisle. 

There it was on a display tower in the middle of the aisle... 

a tall French-style white, chippy metal urn 

You know Home Goods has perfected the art of staging goods to grab your attention and to make you forget your budget. 

We had bags of potting soil, and bedding plants, and cedar mulch still to buy. 

But, the white, chippy metal French-style urn was perfect.....  and a good price. We loaded it into another cart to join the first two carts full of white ceramic planters. 

Three shopping carts of white planters were loaded into my sister's SUV, and off we went to the next stop for Miracle Grow potting soil that was on sale at Lowes. 

We bought 20 bags of Miracle Grow potting soil and 5 bags of cedar mulch. With a little rearranging, pots, soil, and mulch fit. 

W H E W !

But, we still had bedding plants to buy at a third store. White bedding plants for my all white flower garden on the hillside overlooking the deck and star jasmine for espalier under the covered porch... 

White snapdragons, white sage, white star jasmine, blue sage, and lavendar plants later, the back of the SUV had to be rearranged a third time to fit everything in. I left all that rearranging to the pros at the garden center and my sister as I climbed into the front seat to rest from all the shopping. 

When we arrived home, and I opened the back door of the SUV, I saw 

the white snapdragons and lone blue sage 

sitting inside the white, chippy 

French-style metal urn 

turned on its side. 

White sage blooms peeked around the planter. 

One day you will see the white, chippy French-style metal urn as it was meant to hold flowers, but I love the unstaged beauty of the white snapdragons with one blue sage inside the urn for their journey to their new home. 

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