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French Design on Friday 15

Friday, April 28, 2017

~ G A R D E N ~ 
Paris Garden Chair 

With each day in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather grows warmer, and more people are sprucing up their yards, gardens, porches, terraces, and decks to enjoy being outside. How about you? 

Are you looking for some garden chairs with classic French design for your outdoor spaces? If yes, you are in for a treat. Even if you are not looking for garden chairs, you may enjoy visiting a Paris garden for a few minutes. 

French Design on Friday this week takes a look at Parisian garden chairs that are enjoyed immensely by both the French and tourists visiting France. 

Sources for authentic chair replicas are included for anyone wanting to add an authentic French design to their gardens, but for those of us on a strict budget, a source for a SIMILAR chair at a great price is also included. 


Any day of the week finds Parisians lounging in Tuileries Garden in the shadows of the Louvre, enjoying the weather, visiting with friends, napping in the sunshine, or watching their children play. 

Sturdy bright metal arm chairs, side chairs, and slanted-back chairs in all of the Pairs gardens are quite comfortable. Lightweight, they are easy to move around to position in groups for conversation or to use one as a footstool. 

Paris has more than 400 public parks open to everyone. Residents in high-rise apartment buildings have the best of both worlds; a city apartment and a wooded garden equipped with seating.  

Why are the chairs numbered? 

A question with no answer from world wide web searches. There does not appear to be a problem with Parisians taking the chairs from the gardens to use in their private balconies and courtyards. So, why are the chairs numbered? 

Here I am last summer resting in one of the green park chairs. No tour to take, no meeting time planned, no urgency to shop...

 just a shade-speckled afternoon in a garden, 

slight breezes, 

and practically nothing to do. 

When you visit Paris, be sure to spend some time in Tuileries Garden relaxing. 

Part of experiencing France is experiencing the French way of living that includes savoring your day instead of rushing through it. 

Sources for metal garden chairs... 

Home Depot has brown, lightweight metal garden chairs this spring for $34.... a great price.  

If you want one, you had better hurry to your local store. These are the last two at my local store, and I could not find this chair in Home Depot's online items. 

No, it's not green, but you can always pick up some spray paint at the same time you buy the chairs. 

There is another lightweight metal chair also available for $49. The chair in the background is comfortable, and I like its design better than the slatted chair design. The curved arms with a little extra design detail and the mesh seat and back appeal to me. The seat also is curved downward at the front which is more comfortable than the squared-off edges of the slatted seat chair. 


Would you like more information about the Paris park chairs? I found an interesting and useful article at Apartment Therapy.  Classic Parisian Park Chairs includes links to sources for buying chairs from the French company that made the chairs in the Paris parks. 

relaxhouse offers a well-priced Luxembourg Garden chair replica


Thank you for reading another post in my on-going French Design on Friday series of photos from France. I hope you enjoy the original photos and my suggestions for how to use similar designs to create your very own 

French-inspired garden and home.