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French Antiques Are Calling

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

French antiques always call to me, but lately I've been getting emails from French antiques... that is, emails from Marburger Farm at Round Top, Texas, one of biggest and best sites for French antiques. Marburger Farm also has dealers with antiques that are not French, but last fall there was an entire long tent filled with French antiques, including some dealers who come every year from France. 

Every three or four days I get another email tempting me, nagging me, enticing me to go to Round Top.  Here's one of the photos in a recent email from Marburger Farm.  The golden weathervane arrow seems to be pointing me towards Round Top, to the colossal antique show that happens every fall and spring.  The Marburger Farm site is so large... 43 acres!... that I wasn't able to see everything when I went for the first time in Fall 2014.

As I study the email's photo and read the details about dates, times, and entrance fees, I begin also to daydream about all the fabulous things I saw in 2014.  I daydream about everything I left behind, and begin to wonder what treasures will be there this year, like these antique papers and bowl. 

Marburger Farm is just one of hundreds of sites at the Round Top Antique Show.  Another one of my favorite sites is Blue Hills where I found antique French documents spilling out of an antique French iron bowl. 

The antique dealer with the French papers was packing up an order while I was in her booth. Someone had bought a set of twelve framed French antique documents.  Can't you just see a whole wall filled with these beautiful gold-framed, double-sided glass documents?  Yes, I bought some of the original antique French documents which have yet to be framed, but I left behind so many more.   

With each new email from Marburger Farm, I dream about all the French antiques, especially the ones that "got away."  I have no place in my house for this settee and had to restrain myself from buying it.  Common sense prevailed, and I left it there atop all those other beautiful finds... blue striped linens, glass cloches, white plates and pitcher...  But I still daydream about them. 

A dealer made me a great price for this beautiful three-drawer chest.  As I looked through my house in my mind, I saw it as an end table in the living room, as a night stand in a guest bedroom, as small chest in the bathroom..., but each place would have meant taking out something to make room for the chest.  Common sense... I had a strong dose of it last year.  This little chest was also left behind. Sigh! 

Not French, but a great Fall display using vintage pieces, helped me think of ways to put a little Fall into my own house.  Round Top is an incredible source for innovative ideas.  Every dealer is a master stylist making the trip worthwhile even if nothing is bought. 

Then there are always those whimsical items that add another layer of joie de vivre to the whole Round Top experience. 

Just 8 miles away from Marburger Farm is another place that keeps calling to me.  The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell is on my list of places to shop.  Another place that not's exactly French, but that also entices me.  So far, The Prairie hasn't been emailing me. 

As persuasive as the Marburger Farm emails are, there is no Round Top for me this Fall.  No, I already have a plane ticket on September 29 flying out of Texas.  But, Spring 2016 is definitely calling me.  Around Valentine's Day I expect to begin getting those emails from French antiques at Marburger Farm in Round Top.  

If French antiques are still calling to you, you may want to see last year's Round Top posts. 

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  1. Oh, French antiques, Gustavian and Belgian antiques are always calling me! And the "Farmhouse" shabby style truly calls. Hi there, Judith!

  2. Totally beautiful..I can see how easy it would be to get swept away! I see so many items that I would love to bring home with me! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, so many beautiful treasures! I have always wanted to go to Round Top, but haven't made it yet. We were hoping to go this year, but don't know if we will make it. If you get to go, please take a lot of photos to share!!

  4. Judith, they always call out to me! And if it's not French and I get my hands on a deal trust me I will make it French as long as it has great line I can convience a piece to be what I want it to be.
    The right paint finish, change some hardware, and addit to your other French pieces and it becomes exactly how you thought it would turn out....all things French.

    Love the mix of romantic chic with R/A prairie along with Farmhouse Primitives because they work with the romance of rural rustic French.
    I am getting ready to do a new post on an armoire I took from Mediterain look with leather door panel stitched in nail heads to a total French piece. See you soon.

    By the way you inspire in so many ways, loving your postings with the sharing of your home, and Travel plans.


  5. I wish to go to round top someday.... Looks like so much fun! Not this year, I'm afraid!

  6. What lovelies you shared Judith! I can not wait to head on up to RT in a week. I have usually go the week before things get crazy. I need to go and visit Marburger though and get those teasing emails!;) Have a fun and safe trip to wherever you are flying and thank you for linking up to THT.

  7. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Swoon worthy goodies. Cheers.

  8. All so very beautiful. I am afraid I would just turn in circles, ooooing and ahhhhing at everything without knowing what to bring home! We share a love of so many of the same things.

    Thank you, dear Judith, for your comment on my last post. Big hugs ~ Lin

  9. Judith, you have me salivating!! love the settee, but I'm just like you, no room for anything new. But I do love the inspiration!

  10. I live north of Dallas and every year I try to figure out how in the world I can make my way down to Roundtop . . . I haven't made it yet though! Thanks for the fun teaser pics though :)


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