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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Fall French Bedroom With A New Mattress

Monday, September 14, 2015

How do you create a warm, cozy bedroom with French style?

With cooler weather approaching, now is the time my thoughts turn to ways for making my bedroom warm and cozy.  While vacationing on Whisper Mountain, North Carolina this summer, I slept in a plush kingsize bed that was so comfortable that I decided that very next morning it was time for a new mattress at home.  A soft, comfy bed is my idea of the most important way to make a bedroom warm and cozy all Fall and Winter.

Goldilocks may have thought that one bed was too hard and one bed was too soft, but there is no such thing as a too soft bed for me, and many beds are way too hard for me.  I want to sink into the bed and pull warm covers up, to snuggle under all night, just peeking out my nose.

The new kingsize mattress is way too soft for Goldilocks, but just right for me, and it feels warm and cozy.

What are the things that give a bedroom French style?  Those things that evoke a feeling it could be in a house in France?  With each change I've made over the past several years, I consciously chose items that are French inspired.  Furniture is the most obvious way to create a French style.  The carved wooden sleigh bed was new when bought several years ago, but it looks like an antique French bed.

A soft blue and yellow color combination is perfect for a Fall bedroom because it is an often-used color combination that says France and are couleurs (colors) in nature each Fall.

Most of the time my bedroom has blue and white quilts and blankets, and blue toile pillow shams, but this Fall I'm using some bed linens that usually are in a guest bedroom upstairs.  The Impressionistic print over the bed is always in my master bedroom, and the floral pillow shams coordinate very nicely with it.

The tapestry depicting Chenonceau Château in the Loire Valley is truly a French pillow cover.  On one of the trips that I chaperoned students from the high school where I taught on a trip to England and France, I bought the tapestry in the gift shop at Chenonceau Château, my favorite French château (castle).

Tapestries, pure cotton sheets, cotton matelassé blankets, soft mohair throws, down comforters, and down pillows are the right combination of beddings that say France for me.  Indeed, even the word matelassé is French.  Matelassé is a quilted, embossed fabric used to make a bed coverlet.

The yellow matelassé blanket is just the thing for taking a quick nap during the day or for snuggling under while reading on top of the bed on a rainy Fall day.  What better reading in a French bedroom than Words in a French Life where each chapter is devoted to a French word woven into a short story about the author's life in France?

I love the French style curvy legs, deep carvings, and brown marble top on the sofa table at the end of the bed.  I had another sofa table picked out at the furniture store and was at the counter ready to pay for it and schedule delivery when I changed my mind.  This sofa table cost more money, but I decided I loved it enough to spend the extra money.

Here's what sits on the sofa table.  Yes, a small flat screen television.  I love lying on my new soft...soft... soft mattress and watching my favorite television shows.

The other end of the sofa table holds a new Fall fresh floral arrangement.  Actually, my sister created it as a sample Christmas arrangement for one of her corporate accounts to see as a choice for centerpieces at their annual Christmas banquet in December.  

Sprayed gold ivy vines, leaves, and small pine cones work as Fall touches as well as Christmas touches in the arrangement. 

Fleur de lis on the candle holder adds a French touch to the Fall bedroom. 

On the wall across from the bed and sofa table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, an authentic antique French armoire.

The armoire is a French antique that came from a booth in a nearby antique mall over twenty years ago.  The dealer had received a shipment of French antiques just before the antique mall was scheduled to close.  The dealer wanted to sell everything quickly and gave me a fantastic combination price for this armoire and my breakfast table.  Straight from the French countryside, the armoire was very dirty inside and out, and I spent several days cleaning it.   

The preserved boxwood wreath hangs on the triple French armoire most of the year.  Sometimes, at Christmas time, I hang it on the Impressionist print over my bed. 

Finally, a small six-drawer antique French chest holds stationery, pens, papers, office supplies, and a collection of projects needing completing.  Most of the things on top and on the wall have their own French-connection stories, including the blue bell that The Long Tall Texan brought me from a Paris flea market, years before I ever made it to France.  My first French antique, bought for only a few dollars, long before I realized how much I love all things French... 

By changing a few bed linens and adding a Fall fresh floral arrangement, my master bedroom was transformed into a Fall French Bedroom.  The only new things are the mattress that is hidden from sight and the flowers in the Fall flower arrangement. 

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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful, Judith. I love the paneled walls and your ceiling. I know those might not be the focus of your post today but they caught my eye.

  2. Judith,

    Love it! It looks just amazing....The soft warm colors just scream come fall into me! Good job!

  3. What a gorgeous bedroom. I love beautiful linens for the bed and a new mattress sounds wonderful. We are in the mountains now and I'll try to get a photo of the area you visited to post soon. It was 41 degrees this morning....nice and cool! Feels like Fall ! Hugs!

  4. Hi Judith, your room has this inn feeling about itself, cozy inviting and full of the French language.
    Love the layers you have added to your French bedroom, and truly the backdrop of your bedroom really encourages the room to stand out, those paneled walls are amazing.

    I have always had a thing for sleigh beds, and I am in hopes to use one for a guest room if one tricks me as to being the one. It's always a brave move to share a bedroom as you have done here. It's such a personal space, your personal space is filled with richness and beauty and if it were in a French brochure as to a room to stay in this is the room I would choose.

    Thank you for sharing. And yes a perfect place to cozy up with a book.
    There is not one room in your homes that hasn't invited a closer look, along with inspiration.
    Looking forward to seeing other rooms of rest.



  5. Beautiful, simply beautiful room Judith, almost could be in a B&B inviting one to slumber in Frenchness. Love sleigh beds, our bedroom has a 40's styled French sleigh and our guest room a beautiful vintage sleigh. No matter our season we also enjoy the quilting of a Matellassé and of course no bedroom seems complete without a armoire (ours houses our flatscreen). Your armoire is full of presence and I find your choice of the wood tones refreshing and embracing. Love your paneled walls, lovely room, enjoy your new mattress with nights filled with sweet French dreams.

  6. soothing ... inviting ... warm ... charming ... beautiful room!

  7. Hi Judith! Your bedroom is stunningly French-inpsired, not overdone, just right. The floral fabric on the shams is incredible! Blue is a hard color to get right, but you always do! I'm also so taken with the floral arrangement of white roses in the distressed container. I'm glad you are happy with the mattress. My issue is my pillow. I need it so flat and squishy that I wonder why I even use a pillow!

  8. Judith, your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm with you...being able to sink into a soft, comfortable bed is just the absolute best! The colors are so beautiful and I love those antique pieces you have....stunning indeed!

  9. Judith, your room is a sanctuary. I see it as a place to curl up and enjoy a good book or movie on the TV. Your Frenchy details add layers of charm. Thanks for sharing this beautiful room.

  10. What a charming room. Although we may share items like a yellow matelesse comforter -- and I have a Monet over my bed -- your room looks so inviting and restful. I love that pillow of the Chenonceau Château. I saw your link at Jody and Stan's Rooted in Time Party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey www.irisabbey.

  11. Hi Judith. Your bedroom looks like a sumptuous retreat. Great decorating tips.

  12. I am back Judith, I just wanted to tell you that while I was working on my holiday stockings very French in style long 29" and sleek in a French Yellow velvet brocade I thought of you and all your yellow in its blending richness, never being one for yellows the more I see French rooms in old world rustic I am more and more drawn to the yellows, so much so for months now I have a pillow ticking linen Ralph Lauren feather piled sham on my winter white mattelasse slipped sofa in a yellow undertone ticking, and love how it feels so right.

    I know when you enter your French bedroom it all feels so right to you.
    Come visit when you have a moment to see my inspired vintage Velvet brocade stockings that I have listed in my shop left over ones I did up for a French Brocante shop in Southern Ca. That orders my stockings every year now for 4 years.

    See you soon,



  13. Judith, your bedroom is gorgeous! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  14. What a cozy bedroom. I love the French flair and the ceiling!

  15. Your bedroom is beautiful, I love the furniture and all the decoration of it. Very warm, classy and inviting.
    Very inspiring as we have in our list to do a very needed bedroom update.

  16. I really liked this entry and want to hear more about your home. I also have found that changing out the mattress is the quickest way to update a bedroom because it not only allows the bed to look better but it can also be much more comfortable for you when you are sleeping at night and trying to get a good rest.

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store

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