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FALL Red Transferware, Stoneware Crock, Kitchen Linens

Saturday, September 5, 2015

What does Provence, France have in common with an American Fall?  COLORS!  Reds and yellows are signature colors for both.  After gathering a red transferware pitcher, a natural stoneware crock, and apple-themed kitchen linens together, the collection looked as though it could be sitting on a rustic table in the south of France.  Or, perhaps in a Charles Faudreè French-designed room.  All of which makes me happy.  I love anything French.  Well, most anything French.  I'm not too fond of escargot.  Indeed, I don't care for it all!  Bleh! 

Reds and yellows are a departure for me, but with Labor Day weekend the unofficial start of Fall, the colors reflect the season.

Are you wondering how reds and yellows appeared on my kitchen island that is usually filled with blues and whites?  Truth be told, this gathering of Fall items began many, many years ago and far, far away.  Almost fifty years ago.

That's when I bought the red transferware pitcher for my mother as a souvenir from my trip to Victoria, Canada.  Back in those days, Victoria had china shop after china shop, street after street. Most of the china shops closed their doors years ago, but I remember what fun it was to shop in them with my aunt, whom I was visiting.  The little pitcher is not a valuable antique, and similar ones can be found on ebay for just a few dollars.  It does have the manufacturer's name on the bottom and was made in England.

The only new things in this group are the apples, pears, and flowers.  The other items came home with me from my mother's house or from an antique store in Alabama.

The pot holders and coordinating kitchen towel are new to me, and I found them still with attached price tags in a plastic bag high up on the top shelf in my mother's clothes closet.  She evidently had bought them some time in the past, but had not used them. I'm guilty of the same thing... buying things and then forgetting them after storing them in a closet either to give as gifts later or to use at a later season.

The large flat rustic basket makes a perfect base for the arrangement.  The basket hung on the wall in my mother's utility room. 

My fascination with crocks is not new to this year, but this is the second stoneware crock I found at a great price this year.  Found at Chipper's antique store in Paint Rock, Alabama, the crock is short, in great condition, and has no markings.  White narcissi paperwhites will look wonderful in it at Christmas.   

Paint Rock... growing up, I thought nothing about this town's name.  The name was just the name of a tiny little town about 10 minutes from home, but now, I find, I really like this name... Paint Rock. 

Here's a little secret.  The crock pot is not totally filled with fruit.  No, there is a small mixing bowl turned upside down in the bottom of the crock on which the fruit is resting. 

Even at close range, the bowl is fairly well hidden.  However, I can see the blue of the bowl beneath the two apples.  Can you see it?  

After thinking about the arrangement on my island countertop, I realize there are more connections with France besides the red and yellow color scheme of Provence.  The French connections include mixing new with old, fresh flowers in the kitchen, artfully setting out fresh fruit, using a rustic natural basket, and remembering our ties with our families.  Country French homes combine items collected over many years and generations, cherish the beauty of nature, and enjoy the patina of well-worn, well-loved items. 

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  1. Good morning Judith! It is actually FUN to watch our world change colors because it gives us more to be excited about, to see these changes and to prepare our homesteads. You have beautifully used apples and the transferware to promote this cozy feeling, though here, and oddly enough, we are having HOT and HUMID weather! School is in full swing with kids this week, and I am exhausted, not by the kids or teaching, but keeping up with the schedules of high school life!

    Thank you for this PAUSE to breathe in and enjoy.

  2. I love your reds and yellows!

    And, I must admit that I actually like escargot!

  3. I love red and yellow together! I was wishing you had a Pin It button, because I would have been pinning away all this gorgeousness.

  4. This is beautiful, Judith! I love the fact that yo are using things that belonged to you mother and especially that you had given the pitcher to her as a gift. Passing family items down and using them brings back fond memories. I almost always have things that were my mom's on display. Her blue and white soup tureen is displayed somewhere all of the time. I love it!

  5. Judith, I love the connections to France in this post. Yes, love the colors of Fall and the colors of Provence. Your vignette makes me smile. I have a transfer ware pitcher likes you have, but in brown. I pull it out for Fall decorating. '-)
    Happy Weekend!

  6. Judith,
    Ahhhh Autumn my very favorite time of the year ... I embrace and soak in the colors in Autumn.
    I want to reach into your photo and enjoy a pear.

  7. "RED"! . . . a slight departure for you! I LOVE it in your kitchen, Judith! Your vignettes are always so inspiring! ( I have always been quite envious ( in a good way) of your collection of crocks!
    After the weekend, I will begin a subtle transition to Fall.
    Happy holiday weekend, Judith!

  8. What a fabulous way to welcome fall!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and not only that but special, because of them meaning behind some of the items. I just had to pin a couple of pictures ;)


  10. Beautiful fall display! The red transferware pitcher is such a pretty piece! Pinning for later reference! ~Rhonda

  11. Beautiful fall display! The red transferware pitcher is such a pretty piece! Pinning for later reference! ~Rhonda

  12. loving your fall tablescape. Fall can't come soon enough for me.

  13. I love this Fall table display! I would not have thought to use red transferware... It looks great with the colors of those apples!

  14. So pretty! I love the red and yellow combination. I have red transferware that I use during the holidays but never thought of for fall. Thank you for the inspiration.

  15. Judith, red and white transferware is my very favorite! I use it all year round. Your bowl trick is a classic! Don't you love it when something works so perfectly and it's like a little secret. :)

  16. Judith,
    Love your kitchen island vignette, dear friend!!!
    The crock filled with "real" fruit looks so~o~o tempting!!!
    Love the color palette and the textures of this Autumnal arrangement!!!
    I agree, Paper Whites for Christmas in your Paint Rock Crock. . . C`est Magnifique!!!
    Happy Labor Day!!!

  17. Fabulous fall tablescape; nothing can surpasses the simplicity of nature. I share your love of blue but am drawn to red & yellow as well! Decor pieces in our homes are even more special with the memories evoked of special people from our past.

  18. I am a sucker for transferrer and own a few red pieces. Your pictures are beautiful!

  19. I love the transfer ware and your crock.
    A beautiful display for the Fall bounty of fruit!

  20. You had me at the Mason's pitcher!! It's cousin is in my kitchen hutch :^) I also have a stoneware bowl and apple printed I just have to figure out how to arrange them as beautifully as yours!!
    Have a good weekend and blessings to you,

  21. Very pretty! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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