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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Christmas Garden Shed

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Do you have a favorite shop that you cannot wait to see 
decorated at Christmas time? 
A place you know will have special items you 
cannot find at other shops in your area... 

That is the kind of place where I want to shop. 

For years we had a very special store, Quilted Hearts
where I found special Christmas ornaments, gifts, and cards. 
All my friends and I were so sad when it closed. 

Each year we also traveled three hours south to historic Salado, Texas 
for its annual Christmas Tour of Homes. 
Once we finished the tour, we shopped in 
several small stores filled with unusual finds. 
Sir Wigglesworth, my favorite store, 
was owned by a talented artistic decorator. 
Her displays and merchandise were always very special. 
A few years ago this store also closed. 
Combining my love of Christmas and France, I decided 
to offer garden and home gifts at Christmas time 
and to create a special Christmas shopping event in my garden house. 

Welcome to a review of what's in the 
2014 French Country 
Christmas Event.

Freshness in green and white... 

Handpainted NOEL sign and 
fleur-de-lis linen towels 
in traditional Christmas colors...  

PAPERWHITES planted November 13 with 
the first peeks of white blooms on November 29... 

A trio of blue-tinged candles in a vintage French zinc seed pot... 

A vintage wooden sled from Europe 
showcases all things 'deer'... 

Candles, matches, kitchen towels, paper napkins, 
fabric deer ornaments, and a fun white reindeer candy/salad/soup bowl... 

A French wire basket holds fresh pine, a large sugar pinecone, and antlers...  
a simple nature-inspired centerpiece. 

It's the little things that make the difference in gift-wrapping. 
A small wooden deer clip with glittered antlers, 
brown deer-shaped ribbon, and a gold glass star 
make even the smallest package special. 

These little touches are the kinds of things I always enjoy finding. 

One of my absolute favorite finds this year is the fabric deer ribbon 
that comes in ivory, embroidered in brown with gold bells, 
and red, embroidered in dark gray with silver bells. 

Individually, they are beautiful package and napkin embellishments. 
Used in 'herds', they would make a one-of-a-kind table runner or placemat. 
No sewing needed... just use special iron-on fuser to fuse the deer to the fabric.  

Christmas joy in the kitchen comes from 
paper plates/napkins, Santa salad plates, Christmas coasters, 
foaming Christmas-scented soap, bird-themed wooden tray, 
kitchen towels, pot holders, and oven mitts. 

A pot holder paired with a wooden bird and a sprig of holly can 
make it Christmas in the kitchen the entire month of December. 

Hand-carved wooden bird ornaments... 

A Paris subway 3-D metal wall hanging... 

To read all these metro stops' names brings back wonderful 
memories of trips to Paris over the years. 
During the majority of the year, it is fantastic as 
art over a bed, over a chest of drawers, or over a desk where
daily memos, grocery lists, and French ephemera can be displayed. 

At Christmas time, it becomes a special 
Christmas card display board, highlighted by a Noël banner 
printed on golden metallic paper that is held in place 
with four of those wooden reindeer with glittered antlers. 

The banner is easy to create using a graphic from Etsy 
overprinted with letters using the font, Party LET

Wouldn't a greenery wreath around the spire add a Christmas touch to 
the large metal birdhouse? 

An old pale blue painted ladder makes a great display shelf for 
a bird's nest and a handcrafted burlap bird eggs print. 

Preserved boxwood wreath with a red-script ribbon... 
On a mirror, a painting, a window, or 
my favorite place, a French armoire door... 

Christmas and French-inspired garden and home items make my 
garden house a special place every December. 
If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, 
you are invited to come to the 
French Country Christmas Event 
where you may find something very special this Christmas. 

For those not in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, 
send an email if you would like more information about 
something in this year's Christmas Event. 



  1. Oh Judith, there is so much here worthy to PIN to Pinterest! But I won't since I don't want to infringe upon your photography! THAT LADDER!!!!!! That boxwood with the fabulous burlap ribbon, just confirmed for me that I need to get that fresh boxwood wreath at Trader Joe's today after work!

    Everything is lush here. Have a super day enjoying the beauty! Anita

  2. Oh my word, I am drooling over everything. Gorgeous, so much to see and such fabulous inspiration. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  3. I always love everything you share and this post is no exception. Love every photo, I felt like I was shopping along with you, love the ladder and I am in love with box woods and have been using them around here as well.

    Thank you for this beautifully inspiring share see you soon.


  4. I forgot to mention, your garden shop home must be a place where you tinker all day in, it's a wonderful to have a shop so close to home :)

    It's an amazing artful place you have created here, so wish I were close enough to shop it.

  5. Looks so beautiful ... I want a boxwood wreath! I agree, it's an amazing creative space :)

  6. You make me want to hop on a plane just to visit your shop.

    Have fun!

  7. What a beauty-filled and inspiring post! I'm feeling the need to decorate now. Love the look of nature in your home. I should have planted some.

  8. This year I'm back to traditional red and green decor, but apart from my handmade wreath I haven't done much in the way of decorating. I wish to be more in the spirit of White Christmas! Love you beautiful post here... give me a lot of inspiration!

  9. It looks so pretty! I love all the vintage pieces and red elements. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!

  10. Brilliant idea. Looks like a magical place to shop. And the fabric deer ribbon - swooning!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Judith. We share a love of so many of the same things! My favorite is the ladder used as a shelf with the bird's nest. :)
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  12. Bonjour Judith!

    Thank you so much for visiting our theatres! It was so fun to unwrap the other ladies' posts like a Christmas gift. What wonder there is in working together, especially when the theme is FRENCH!

    Have a lush day. Anita

  13. It's all so L O V E L Y and inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your visit to the theatre presentation!
    Monique is happy to hear you enjoyed her performance(s)

    ~ Violet

  14. OMGosh Judith my heart skipped a beat with the beautiful items in this post. First I must say your header with the 3 red pears is simply stunning. My favorite snack is a red pear with 3 year old aged cheddar cheese! Thank you for visiting my Gypsy Ballet and I am so in awe of your blog! This post is so delightful! So much beauty wish I could see it in person.

  15. So many beautiful things all in one place!! I love every single thing you shared here!

  16. I am going to get there one year...... I love all of your goodies! I still have my angel tray on top of my bonnet top cabinet. She is very happy there and says to tell you Merry Christmas!!

  17. What a beautiful spot you have here! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  18. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful shop! Love the fleur de lis towels. The red corner was full of things I would love to have!! How nice that you opened up for holiday shopping. I especially enjoyed it becasue I missed all of the similar offerings in my central PA area this year. Merry Christmas! Linda

  19. Sighs...I could play around in this room all day!


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