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Restored Rustic Box w/French Graphic

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is it about 
that is so appealing? 

I can't walk by one without looking it over, 
often picking it up, thinking about how it can be used. 
For what can I use this box? 
Fourteen inches wide and thirteen and a half inches tall... 
Scrapbook paper? Remote TV/DVD/xBox/Computer controls? 

Always trying to organize my life, making order out of the disorder, 
making things better tomorrow than they are today... 

Unexpected treasures without going on a treasure hunt 
are often in plain sight... 
Just opening my eyes to see what is right in front of me all along... 

Older wooden boxes or drawers surely have 
a second life... a third life...  
Dovetail joints, carvings, rare wood, beautiful images... 
all reasons to salvage a box, a drawer. 

But this box?

No dovetail joints, no carvings, 

No precious wood, no beautiful image... 

But this box?
The inside is not even finished at all. 

Sure, it is a great size, has a good feel to it, easy to carry... 
Sturdy, no loose joints... 
and inside, one small piece of fluted molding... 
Maybe... it has potential. 

What a little Valspar sample paint can do! 
Honeymilk on the outside and Navy #5 on the inside... 

Still rustic with nicks and scrapes, and some deep gouges from living, 
but with tender loving care inside and out, this little box still has hope for a new use. 

The Graphics Fairy French flower seller label paired with 

A hydrangea stem tied with a bow from the Etsy shop Graphicals 

Gives the tired, old unloved box a fresh look to face the world anew. 

A Hobby Lobby porcelain blue and white knob is just the 
finishing touch for the rejuvenated little box to lift its lid. 

So, what will this restored box hold? 

Perhaps a new life in the garden shed to hold bulb and flower catalogs? 

Or, to hold magazines filled with inspiration and beauty?

A new life filled with inspiration and beauty that makes order out of disorder... 

Salvaged shards of a previous life that were shattered and discarded 
can hold the beginnings of a restored life with beauty and purpose. 


  1. I love what you have done with this box--of course I always fall for blue and white, but your presentation is wonderful. I have also used my Guy Wolff this week! So sad to see a broken piece. I have broken a few myself, but I use the chards ~~ I must do a post on his pottery shed not far from me! Thank you for the inspiration. Linda

  2. What a lovely box !!..have a nice day Ria

  3. In a word, Gorgeous! Beautiful would work, too! I love the box and whatever it's use today, can be changed tomorrow! Love the pottery shards, also. As always, your vignette is lovely!

  4. Love it! The blue and white is such a classic combo.. great job!

  5. LOVE it! I am going to copy you. I have two pathetic boxes waiting in the wings for a makeover. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Wonderful redo on this old box! Just made my morning with it's cheerfulness. :)

  7. What a fantastic transformation! I love your color choices and the knob is perfect.

  8. What a fantastic transformation! I love your color choices and the knob is perfect.

  9. Can't seem to find the blue hydrangea graphic on The Graphic Fairy's site. Can you help? Thanks.

    1. The hydrangea graphic is from the Etsy shop, Graphicals, not The Graphics Fairy. I think you can click on a link to that site in my post. I tried responding by email, but was not able to.


  10. Gorgeous redo, Judith. This is a perfect box for magazines. ;-)

  11. Transformed, indeed! Much prettier than before!

  12. Oh I just love how your magazine box turned out, you did a great job ;)


  13. WOW! WOW! WOW! It's gorgeous. Love the colors you chose and the knob and the graphic. Everything about it is perfect!

  14. Just love the transformation. Very creative.
    The white is elegant.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  15. Love your box makeover. I love it. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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