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Eiffel Tower - Real & Faux

Monday, September 9, 2013

What one thing says Paris? 
la Tour Eiffel

A Moment in France

Is there anything more exciting than
seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time?

Then there is the excitement of going up the Eiffel Tower!

Impatiently waiting in the long line that
winds back and forth, back and forth, inching
forward little by little.

Looking up at the underside of the
beautiful ironwork...

Reaching the very top with the love of your life...
Nothing more romantic or memorable...
Feeling the brisk breeze, seeing all of Paris below you,
... far, far below you,
 excitedly pointing out landmarks,
wondering aloud to one another,
"Do you see that? Over there?"
as you point with your arm outstretched.
Faces turning toward each other,
laughing, smiling, eyes dancing, as you discover this
new world together.

On the first level above the street, the sights are
more recognizable, sounds from the River Seine and
the streets reach your ears.

Looking out over the Seine River and Paris...

So, my love for the Eiffel Tower began.
No two photos in today's post
were made at the same time.
They were lovingly collected over the years.
Similarly, I have collected other images of
la belle Tour. 

A few pieces in my collection
sit on my computer desk/hutch.

Nothing elaborate, or expensive.
A photo of friends with the Eiffel Tower
in the background...
A postcard from Paris in the colors I love...
A Traveler's Notebook with French trip travel notes...
A Christmas ornament from Target...
An imprinted sepia card...
A small signed engraved print bought from a
bookseller's stall along the Seine River...

Recently I made a small
bleu Eiffel Tower hanging tag
with my new French script rubber stamp,
an old favorite Eiffel Tower rubber stamp,
a small scrap of watercolor paper,
deckle-edge scissors,
a narrow white silk ribbon, and
a white hang tag.

Here's how you can make one, also.

Begin with stamping both sides of a white hang tag
using a French script rubber stamp.
Ink the edges.

Then stamp a small piece of watercolor paper
with an Eiffel Tower stamp.
Use a piece of watercolor paper
smaller than the hang tag.

Trim the edges of the Eiffel Tower stamped
watercolor paper with deckle-edged scissors.
 My favorite crafting scissors.

Glue the Eiffel Tower to
the hang tag, but leave
the edges free for a 3-D effect.

Attach a narrow silk ribbon.

VoilĂ ...

So simple, yet so français...

Golden moments and golden memories...
the real thing.

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