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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Not Your Usual Fall Colors

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall settings, inside and out, 
are ushering in the season even if the temperatures are not. 

blues, mauves 
are not the usual colors that come to mind 
when thinking of fall. 

Officially arriving on September 22, 2014,
the Autumnal Equinox
heralds a new season, but the old
season lingers in my part of the woods.

The green leaves, bright sunshine, and hot temperatures 
belie the season that our calendars bespeak. 

An old rustic grapevine wreath basket laden with 
a freshly picked pale green pumpkin surrounded by faded dried hydrangeas 
and artificial paper hydrangeas transitions our breakfast room 
from summer to fall. 

Flowering vines on the placemats echo the bare curly tendrils of the 
of the grapevine, and the brown bare vines of the basket reflect 
the brown background on the placemats 
to suggest beginnings of a real fall. 

Artificial blackberry vines are reminders of the last fruits of summer. 

A closer inspection of the blackberry vines is spooky, 
taking us into a Halloween look. 

Yet, not so spooky when viewed from farther away. 
Blackberries and hydrangeas ... 
summer still lingers...
Halloween is still a ghostly image yet to appear. 

Faded dried hydrangea blossoms match the pale green pumpkin 
making a super close image look ethereal, but not spooky.  

A soft fall picture full of both summer and autumn. 
Summer lingering, clutching us with its heat... 

And... calling to us with its last fading hydrangeas...

Not your usual fall colors, 
but the colors that transition my house from 
summer to autumn. 
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