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Not Your Usual Fall Colors

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall settings, inside and out, 
are ushering in the season even if the temperatures are not. 

blues, mauves 
are not the usual colors that come to mind 
when thinking of fall. 

Officially arriving on September 22, 2014,
the Autumnal Equinox
heralds a new season, but the old
season lingers in my part of the woods.

The green leaves, bright sunshine, and hot temperatures 
belie the season that our calendars bespeak. 

An old rustic grapevine wreath basket laden with 
a freshly picked pale green pumpkin surrounded by faded dried hydrangeas 
and artificial paper hydrangeas transitions our breakfast room 
from summer to fall. 

Flowering vines on the placemats echo the bare curly tendrils of the 
of the grapevine, and the brown bare vines of the basket reflect 
the brown background on the placemats 
to suggest beginnings of a real fall. 

Artificial blackberry vines are reminders of the last fruits of summer. 

A closer inspection of the blackberry vines is spooky, 
taking us into a Halloween look. 

Yet, not so spooky when viewed from farther away. 
Blackberries and hydrangeas ... 
summer still lingers...
Halloween is still a ghostly image yet to appear. 

Faded dried hydrangea blossoms match the pale green pumpkin 
making a super close image look ethereal, but not spooky.  

A soft fall picture full of both summer and autumn. 
Summer lingering, clutching us with its heat... 

And... calling to us with its last fading hydrangeas...

Not your usual fall colors, 
but the colors that transition my house from 
summer to autumn. 
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  1. I think you have the fall color palate of perfection - just think purple wine grapes and green apples and pears and even sweet autumn clematis. The colors are very much apart of the season and more sophisticated too. Your basket is beautiful!

  2. These colors are a favorite look for me. I like the soft hues. The dusty blue pumpkins are some of my favorites. Also like the white one. The traditional bright orange pumpkins just don't appeal much anymore. '-)
    Thanks for the inspiration. I need to go buy a pumpkin tomorrow.

  3. I too have leaned toward a 'new lighter look' this season. Lots of dried hydrangeas in my decor as well. For some reason, the orange, russets and deeper colours of Fall just aren't appealing to me this year.
    Luv your look.

  4. I love your softer colors for fall. The hydrangeas next to the pumpkin are so pretty. And the rustic grapevine wreath is perfect! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh my...such a gorgeous color combination! I just love this! I am waiting for friends to give me some dried hydrangeas to add to my decor this year...I haven't even gotten mine out yet!


  6. Wow, you nailed it! Gorgeous....I love any look that isn't just the standard colors and yours is beautiful.

  7. This is just perfect. I love that natural basket. Fall is my favorite season so I am just loving all of these crafts!

    If you have time you should totally link this up at our Blog Strut! We would LOVE to have you!


  8. Very pretty. Love the blackberries! It seems that a lot of people are using more of the softer colors for Fall this year. Love the padded chairs in your dining space!!

  9. This is such a delicate, warm, charming and perfect centerpiece. Such lovely inspiration for a Fall day!
    Warm Hugs,

  10. Beautiful transition piece. Love the fading Summer rising Fall theme! Maybe I'll take some time away from unstitching that border quilting to do some Fall decorating. It's supposed to be cooler today -- 102 degrees. LOL

  11. Your arrangement is so beautiful! Love it.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. So soft and pretty! I'm glad so many of us are using the softer color palette this fall.

  13. Beautiful arrangement with the dry hydrangeas ... wish they were available in our area. I love the softer look and that pumpkin is so perfect. Harsh orange is hard for me to use this year too but used some faux ones on the front porch teamed with green and it is okay. Just need something to soften the look. Thanks for sharing this beautiful basket full of beauty.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Love the pretty! The basket is a keeper for sure. Love your soft, warm autumnal style.

  15. I'm really enjoying the softer colors of fall this year. Very pretty arrangement and love the rustic basket!

  16. I love transitions...your Summer into Fall basket is a perfect statement to behold!
    It's beautiful, Judith!

  17. Your vignettes are amazing! Thanks so much for linking up with Live Creatively Inspired! We love your style! ~Tammy

  18. It's a lovely basket and vignette. The colours are so soft and pretty. Pamela

  19. Love the soft pastel colors. Such a beautiful vignette. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  20. Beautiful colors! This is prettier that the usual fall colors! Love the softness of the whole vignette...beautiful grapevine basket too! Well done! Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )

  21. This is so gorgeously organic and luxurious in the fabulous rustic way....just stunning! I am your newest follower!!


  22. Simply beautiful, I love it!


  23. What a beautiful Fall arrangement. I LOVE the soft colors. Nature knows best.


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