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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recently, while reading another blogger's tips for blogging
and increasing readership,
the author's post and the readers' comments
made me begin to think about blogging's big picture.

Please, grab a cup of coffee, glass of tea, or
join me as I have a Coca-Cola,
as we think about
we blog.

My virtual blog friends on the internet are a distinct group of friends with no overlap with my reality friends with whom I meet for lunch, to play bridge, to discuss books with at my monthly book club, or to worship with at my church. 

April 1 Book Club Meeting
No, my virtual blog friends, we do not sit around a table face to face, laughing, talking, eating, sharing stories about our lives, shared interests, personal heartbreaks, world tragedies, children's milestones, new jobs, etc... We do not see one another's facial expressions, eye movements, wild hand gestures, and contorted body languages.  We do not hear our regional accents, lilting voices, strained sentences, calm even-toned phrases, excited gurgling sounds, and business-as-usual explanations.  

Instead, we blog without benefit of 93% of how we communicate...non-verbally.  
Research indicates varying percentages for non-verbal communication, but 93% is frequently cited. 

My Backyard Park Bench
We blog sitting all alone, soundless, sightless communication with our readers.  

Without the non-verbal clues, or a shared history, or a common goal, communication is harder.  Sometimes even with shared histories or common goals, the written word is not read in the same tone as it was written.  

As a former school district administrator, I wrote group emails to hundreds/thousands of people who had a built-in set of shared goals and interests.  Not so in the blogging world.  Our audience is extremely diverse with no pre-set common interests. 
 Our followers become our followers because they are the ones who have a common interest with us, discovered by some quirk of connecting. 

As bloggers, we take on extremely hard writing assignments because we share with the whole world our writing.  Yes, with the whole world. With no non-verbal communication.
Source: Blogger Audience
I still get excited when I see some of the countries where my readers and followers live.  I've had to look some of the places up on Google Map because I had no clue where the places are.  

None of our readers can see our facial expressions.  Most of them have different interests.  None of our readers can hear our voice inflection.  Only some of them know our personal regional expressions.  Some of them do not speak our language as their first language and do not always understand our idioms.  And let's not forget, British English is not American English is not Australian English. 
Are you beginning to sense it is a miracle anyone understands us, much less follows us? 

YIKES! As I write this, I am conscious of all this even more than ever before! Pretty scary for all of us who try to express ourselves and who hope to find others with common interests. 

Considering all this, how do we blog successfully? 

Not how do we blog technically.  
Not how do we blog commercially. 

I believe if we blog in the following ways, then we will blog successfully. 

1.  With passion...we blog about what moves us, what gives us joy, what excites us! 

2.  With knowledge...we blog about what experiences we've had, what skills we've developed, what information we've learned. 

3.  With personal style...we blog using our personal voices/way with words, showing our creations, displaying our way of doing things.  

4.  With integrity...we blog true to our inner convictions, true to full-disclosure, true to copyright. 

5.  With commitment...we blog regularly, read other blogs, make comments. 

6.  With compassion...we blog with kind words, with overlooking grammatical errors in other blogs, with encouraging other bloggers, with awareness how we read a blogger's words may not be how she wrote them. (Remember voice inflection, facial expressions are missing.) 

7.  With improvement goals ...we blog with goals to review grammatical rules in our own writing, to research data we use, to analyze other successful blogs, to learn new skills in technology and photography.   

8.  With self-fulfillment...we blog for internal satisfaction, not for external recognition; for meeting our own goals, not for comparing ourselves to others. 

9.  With enjoyment...we blog happily learning something new we wanted to know, laughing out loud at a humorous post, peacefully contemplating a well-written poetic post, sighing  over beautiful photographs that linger in our memories. 

What would you add to this list of how we blog successfully?
Pretty exciting news for me here...
I am thrilled that Botanic Bleu's French Country Kitchen was 
featured on August 12, 2013 at 
Check out the website at Blogger Homes
If you love touring homes, Blogger Homes is the site for you. 
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All styles and ranging from modest one-bedroom to luxury homes.  
More exciting news...
My Give-Away launches in the next post, 
August 18, 2013
Closes midnight (CDT), September 2, 2013
Be sure to enter all the different ways.


  1. I think you covered the list completely and perfectly!!!
    Happy blogging :)

    1. Suzan,
      Thank you for your encouraging comment that exemplifies at least two things on my list, "…with commitment and …with compassion."

      Thank you for being a host of the bloglovin' hop time party each week in which all of you encourage new bloggers.

      Happy blogging to you as well.


  2. Judith, I agree with Suzan, your list is complete and perfect! This is an excellent post full of thought and clarity. Your writing skills are exemplary. A+ to you! With your permission, I'd like to post your beautiful poster on my sidebar with a link to this post. My friends often wonder why I blog. I could never express my thoughts about blogging more completely than you've done in this post. Thank you!
    A big congratulations to you on the feature. Your home is most worthy of being included on any tour. Thanks for sharing the link. I'm off to visit. ~ Sarah

    1. Sarah, of course, you may share my We Bog poster on your blog. I am honored that you want to share it with others.

      Thank you also for the A+. Coming from you, I consider that very meaningful since we are former teachers.

      Hope you enjoy the Blogger Homes site....

      Have a wonderful weekend...


  3. With laughter and fun....even tears and prayers at times! I love blogging! It make me feel connected to so many smart and talented women like you! Sweet hugs!

    1. Oh, yes...definitely with laughter and fun as part of blogging with enjoyment. Another perfect addition to the list, we blog...with connections. Thank you for your sweet comments.


  4. Great post! Captures everything about blogging perfectly. I just started blogging a few months ago and have slowly started to realize it's important to write in my own voice, the voice I speak with. Such an insightful and smart post!

    1. Khammany,
      I read your blog, and your writing definitely lets your personality shine through. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your kind comments which are examples of blogging with compassion!


  5. Congrats on your feature. That is really exciting!

    I love how you made the point about all the different versions of the English language. I love writing in prose; it is the best reflection of me and surely it is lost on the reader at times.

    I think your list is well rounded. I connected most with 'blogging with knowledge' (on a different day, it could have been something different on the list). When I think of topics for my blog, I think I sell myself a bit short on what I know and what I can share with others. I might add 'blog with confidence' to the list. We all have something to learn and share with others. If not, that is when compassion comes into the equation.

    You have done well today!

    1. Stacy,
      Good addition to the list, we blog...with confidence. I think all of us question ourselves on occasion. I have been surprised sometimes at which posts really resonate with my readers. While I loved writing the Mountain Blue Barn, I would never have guessed that so many people (for me, it's a lot) were moved enough to write a comment.

      Thank you for your compassion today in your kind comments.


  6. I've always had a set of blogging rules I try to follow and you captured those so perfectly. Thanks for the insightful post and I'll be checking out that Blogger Homes link, I've never visited there before. Your kitchen is lovely and congrats on the feature!

    1. Diane, It is nice to know someone else thinks similarly to how I think about blogging.

      Thank you for the gracious compliment and have a good time visiting all the homes at Blogger Homes.


  7. It's no surprise to me your home has been featured! I've seen so many great blogs, have learned a great deal and continue to do so nearly every day. I have no purpose to my blog really, just silly things that come to mind ~ You are so right that we cannot see an expression or tone and I think my humor does get lost at times and people may just think I'm a bit nuts, but that's O.K. ~ I'm having fun. I've enjoyed this post ~ it makes me realize some things about blogging that had not crossed my mind ~ Judi

    1. Judi,
      Rest assured that some of us see the humorous side of your writing! While you think your blog has no purpose, I think its purpose is to share some fun with us. There is always the person at any party who really livens up the party. So glad there are blogging friends like you...

      You have given me one of the highest compliments by saying the post made you realize some things that had not crossed your mind. Thank you for reading and for commenting with compassion.

      Keep having fun. We need that.


  8. Beautifully said, Judith! The side benefit of attempting to meet all of your list of how we blog are all the friends we've only met through blogging. By reading others blogs or their comments on our blog we connect on some level and are blessed. So glad you are one of my blogland friends!

    1. Lois, you are my very first follower so you have been encouraging me since the very beginning almost a year ago. As Lavender Dreamer indicated we blog...with connections. I treasure your friendship and always look forward to hearing from you.


  9. We blog...with love.
    Your kitchen is wonderful, Judith! I am so pleased to see it featured on blogger homes!

    1. I agree, we blog...with love. Thank you for your perfect addition to the list and for demonstrating it so well with your comment.


  10. Good Evening Judith, I blog because I really enjoy it. I am continually amazed that my newly made friends, take the time to respond with their kind comments.
    I was very unsure whether I should start a blog at the very beginning, because I could not imagine anyone would be interested in what I had to say. Actually, I would never have started had it not been for the gentle encouragement of my daughter, Natasha. It took a good couple of years to gently encourage me.... and I am so pleased that she had the patience to encourage me.
    When I write, I write as if I am speaking to a friend. It is not always grammatically correct, because I use words that I would actually say if I was sitting beside you and having a chat.
    Your list is perfect, with the inclusion of fun and laughter as Diane from Lavender Dreams mentioned.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and it is wonderful to be able to get to know you, even if it is with the written word and not face to face.
    Best Wishes to you,

  11. Enjoyed you list and your wonderful words. Blogging tends to bring you into some social events if you let it. I am thrilled and surprised by the many opportunities it had afforded me. Thanks for writing this!

  12. Great list and yes I think friends is one of the best reasons too. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  13. Coming to you from Sarah's blog, Hyacinths from the Soul. Thank you for your insightful post about why you blog. You wrote words describing my thoughts and feelings exactly.


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