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Breakfast Sunspace...Favorite Spot

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What makes a place in a house 
the favorite spot?

A trick question...
There is no one answer to that question. 

For each of us, happiness comes in 
different forms and from different sources. 
Even if two people name the same place 
in their houses as their favorite place, 
the reasons why it's their favorite spot are not the same. 

Lots of natural light makes me happy.
The full-length windows and roof windows
flood the southern-facing sunspace and whole kitchen with light.
For some people lack of light causes 
light-deprivation depression.

I wouldn't know if lack of light affects me. 
Texas has sunshine, sparkling sunshine, 
dazzling sunshine, sizzling sunshine...

Dallas/Fort Worth averages 232 days per year
that are classified as sunny days.
On the coldest days in winter,
the sunspace is warm from solar heat
and is filled with direct sunlight.
On the longest days of summer,
the sunlight is filtered,
 and the space is shaded by the house overhang
and tall leafy native oak trees.

The breakfast sunspace is visible from my bedroom. 
Lying in bed, I look through the open door into the kitchen and 
see the entire breakfast area. 

The views through the windows are sometimes surprising, 
even startling, unexpected, that cause stopping and looking.   
On full-moon nights, moonlight streams in 
and the moon is visible through the roof windows. 
Many a night I've looked at the moon while in bed from my bedroom. 
It is always a breath-taking sight, even after 26 years. 

And many a night, I stand in the sunspace in the quiet at night 
gazing up at the moon and stars. 
Reminders of nights on the deck when we searched 
the sky with shared wonder at the 
moon, meteors, stars, and planets through our small telescope 
and with our eyes.

During the day, the deck and garden shed are in full view. 
Field glasses are within arm's reach for close-up viewing of 
cardinals, foxes, butterflies, flowering vitex tree blossoms, and for 
whatever else wanders through the woods just steps away. 

The dragonfly inside hovers over plants on the bookcase. 

French-inspired fleur-de-lis and scalloped edges adorn the 
metal stand that holds garden supplies, decor, and plants. 

Plants bask in plenty of natural light. 

Snapdragons on the table curve upward to the sunlight. 

Guests arriving in the driveway are visible through the trees. 

Every seat around the old French table has views to the outside. 

Meals around the table are like dining outside 
without the insects or heat.
Reminds me of eating at sidewalk cafes in France... we begin to see why the sunspace is my 
favorite place in the house.
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  1. Your sunspace is so beautiful! And the pics are too! I can just imagine sitting there now. I would love to have that sort of thing one day. We have the option of having a screened in porch, and that would be nice too, we're still debating. But if I had to pick between the two, I think an indoor sunspace would win out! But that would mean a new house :)

  2. Ohhh, I just love your sun space.I can imagine sitting there drinking a beverage and enjoying the view outside....planning my day or relishing the end of the day...

    Beautiful spot!

  3. I would love to have as much sunlight as you get in Texas ~ I think it's one of the reasons Summer is my favorite season ~ it's all so pretty and I really like the little seat/shelf where your lavender is displayed :) Judi

  4. A favorite spot - the dining room.

    Southern California is full of sun and I love that sun beaming in through mullioned windows in. From my place on the window seat I can see into the living room, out to the garden, into the kitchen and the entry. Other than the garden or the beach, it is the spot where family or friends gathers to laugh and share stories.

  5. What a beautiful room and I love your arrangement of lavender! I lived in TX for years and loved the sunshine. I retired in Florida to get even more! Happy August!

  6. Judith, this would be a favorite spot for me. What a wonderful idea to have the roof windows. Sitting at your table and looking out to your wooded space would keep me lingering long after a meal. We have a sun room with floor to ceiling windows on two walls that looks out to our terrace and the wooded area beyond. It makes us feel as if we are out in the country, when in reality we are in the middle of the city.
    Thanks for sharing another beautiful post. Love the pretty crock of lavender.

  7. What a lovely space! I can see why it is your favorite! Hmmm, a cup of coffee or tea and a good book, ahhhh! Adore the pot of lavender, too. The wooded view, everything says relax here!

  8. You had me dreaming of relaxing moments in my favorite spots and smelling the lavender!

  9. We built a sunroom on the back of our home a few years ago and beyond it a new wrap around deck. The sunroom is all-season so I can enjoy it even though we have plenty of snow and cold in the winter. The dragonfly is so unique and the vase of lavender beautiful.

  10. Your space is lovely and inviting! I can see why you enjoy it so much!

  11. So pretty, this would be my favorite spot too. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  12. You've built your home well. Your breakfast sunspace draws the outdoors in and it makes living in your home an experience, it has an ambience different from rooms that are just rooms. We have amazing sunrises in the morning. Since we have moved here, breakfast is so much more exciting compared to our other home, where every meal was in front of drawn blinds. Sun filled rooms are good for the spirit too.

  13. So much sunlight, I can see why you love this room so much! Beautiful in many ways!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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