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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Sunspace Windows Update

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

My French Country style sunspace is a favorite room in my house with everyone who comes to visit  us. Why? The view out the windows overlooks our backyard and naturalized woods. When rain damaged a sunspace window beyond repair, we immediately called the window company to come give us quotes to replace the window.  

Unfortunately, we could not just replace the one damaged window because it was part of a double window.  Since the original window style is no longer made as a standard option, the new windows are a different style.

The original windows, shown in the photo, had a larger pane at the top that offered unobstructed views to the backyard while sitting at the breakfast table. That’s the view everyone loves. 

Sunspace Windows Update

The new windows are double hung with equal size top and bottom panes. The wood frame is higher than the wood frame in the previous windows and cuts the view in half. To have custom windows made to match the old windows would have cost almost double the price of the standard double hung windows. As a retired educator on a fixed income, I must save costs wherever possible. So, going with a little different style window was the better choice.

A view of an entire replacement window shows the windows fit the original space top to bottom and provide a full view into the backyard. The view may be slightly different due to the location of the wood frame, yet it’s still a wonderful view.  

Brass window lifts make raising the windows easy. We had the same kind of lifts before, but I chose to get new ones instead of reusing the old lifts. After over thirty years raising and lowering windows, they looked rather old and tarnished.  

Work Still To Do

We still have work to do to complete the replacement windows. The wood in the replacement windows needs to be stained to match the older existing trim wood. 

After the wood is stained the short valance curtains will be rehung on the curtain rods to hide the paper accordion blinds when they are in the raised position. 

Views From The SunSpace

April and May are two of the best months for sitting and looking out the sunspace windows. In addition to the views of the backyard and woods, there is a great view of the covered porch. Each spring you can see bedding plants in large clay pots and the metal window box attached to the porch railing.