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Upstairs Bathroom Remodel | Sink Area

Monday, April 29, 2024

The remodel of the upstairs bathroom in 2021 was so extensive the sink area of the two-section bathroom is just now being shared. After thirty-three years the bathroom needed renovating to become more ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant, to replace worn out fixtures, and to add more French Country style. 

The after photo of the section of the bathroom with the sink has elements of French Country style I love. Over the years French Country style was added little by little throughout the whole house with each new change in the house. Whether it was new furniture, upholstery, light fixtures, decor, flooring, or wall treatments, I always looked for ways to incorporate French Country. Naturally when it came time to remodel the upstairs bathroom, I added more French Country there, too. 

The French Country distressed green and gold wood mirror was added to the bathroom several years ago and is one of the few things kept the same in the bathroom remodel.




The original countertop was pink laminate and matched the vaulted pink painted bead board walls and trim. From the very first day, the pink was way too pink, instead of the soft mauve I envisioned. There was no money in the budget to redo the countertop when we built the house. When we decided to remodel, replacing the pink countertop was high on the list. 

During the Remodel

A new white cultured marble countertop replaced the pink laminated countertop on the original white painted wood vanity base, another one of the things not replaced in the remodel. Fresh white paint on the bead board walls and trim brightened the room. 

Blue paint replaced the old wallpaper. 

Pink and white diamond patterned sheet vinyl flooring was in both the sink section and the shower/toilet section and was replaced with ceramic tile. The cord dangling from the ceiling goes to a chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling. The room is flooded with natural sunlight from the roof skylights. To see details of all the lighting in the bathroom, read Upstairs Bathroom Remodel | Lighting

Here's a view looking at the sink section shown in the previous photo. What a difference the blue and white color scheme makes! 

French Country style original brass faucet was beyond salvage. As much as I like the style of this faucet, I will never choose brass fixtures again. Some people like how brass ages, but this very expensive fixture did not develop a beautiful patina. 


Fortunately, when I was looking for a new chrome faucet to replace the old brass faucet, French Country was popular with several options. For more info with links to the sources for the fixtures, tiles, etc... see my Pinterest board, Botanic Bleu Design Sources

Internet links change often, items become not available, and the links become broken causing a frustrating problem for blog writers to try to remedy and for frustrating readers with no help locating linked items. Rather than add links within a bog post, I discovered adding links to materials in Pinterest provides a way for readers to locate materials used in my home. If an item is no longer available from a source, a Pinterest pin often offers alternate items when an item is no longer available. 

In addition to French Country style, I chose this faucet because of the tall water spout. It is tall enough to put a cup under it to catch water for watering plants or to put a bowl under to catch water for our cats. I photographed it with the drain stopper control up so readers can see where the drain stopper control is located. Many faucets online left me wondering if there was a connect drain stopper or where is it located. 

We planned to reuse the porcelain white sink, but a worker bumped the sink with one of his heavy metal tools and cracked the sink. Look closely left of center to see the indented point of impact. The contractor and I looked at this sink during our discussions about what to reuse and what to replace. So, when the crack appeared during the work, we both knew it was not there when work began. The contractor paid for a replacement sink. 

The before view shows the door that was removed allowing for a larger opening between the sink section and the shower/toilet section. Below is a photo of the same part of the two sections of the bathroom.  

The opening is now about 3 feet wide making it large enough for a walker or crutches without having to operate a door. The opening is safer to navigate between the two sections of the bathroom. 

The small white hexagonal tiles are rated ADA safe and not slippery. Plus they are classical French Country style. The upstairs bathroom remodel achieved all our goals, new updated fixtures, ADA compliant materials and design, and more French Country charm.

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