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Snow Scenes | Winter Home Decor

Thursday, January 18, 2024

After seeing all the snow scene photos today from friends on social media, I looked through snow photos from bygone years and found photos of how I decorated my fireplace mantel one year for a party using snow scene photos. Perfect, inexpensive winter decor with a personal connection was a hit with my guests. Photos of the decorated mantel follow snow photos from recent years. 

Here is the snow scene I posted to social media today. Perhaps the scarcity of snow in our area is why we all take photos to capture the scenes before the snow melts away. Today's snow only lasted a few hours after the sun came out. By nightfall, there was barely any snow left. 

A view of our backyard from an upstairs bedroom window also includes a view into our naturalized woods. You can see the window screen pattern in the photo if you look closely in the lower right corner. No venturing outside in the frigid 13° weather on slippery sidewalks to take photos. 

Snow softens harsh, stark winter scenes and inspires us all to take photos of snow scenes of our houses, gardens, children, and pets. North Texas received a small amount of snow overnight, and today my social media home page is filled with photos of my friends' houses and yards covered with snow. Well, almost covered with snow since there was such a small amount of snow. 

The following photos are selected snow scenes at my house including some of the photos I used to decorate my mantel for winter one year. 

Snow Scenes 

Winter Home Decor

In February 2010 we had the largest snowfall in my memory. It snowed off and on for two days.  The amount of snow can be gauged by the chairs and flower pots on the deck. In the background trees were covered by so such snow they bowed over from the weight. 

I did venture out in 2010 to take photos from several viewpoints of the yard, woods, and house. 

A closer view of the house without trees in the foreground is one of my favorite snowy photos of the house. This photo was the center photo of the winter decor mantel decorated for the party. 

The metal girl figurine statue under the tree stands outside the kitchen sunspace windows where she is visible from the kitchen, my bedroom, my upstairs office, and an upstairs bedroom. 

January 2021, we received a light dusting of snow that made the garden shed look magical with its snow covered roof. 

Another photo taken in January 2021 is also a magical scene created with a small amount of snow. The snow covers the raw ground and lies in clumps on the large cedar tree reminiscent of artificial snowy Christmas trees. 

February 2022, the ground was covered with more snow than in 2021 and illustrates the magic of snow to soften stark winter scenes. Even the brush pile looks good.  

A collection of snow scenes from 2010 made an unusual winter decor mantel for a small party. I printed the photos on card stock paper in different sizes. Then put some in frames. I staggered the heights by using small card holders and small metal easels. The photos are layered from front to back and overlap visually a little. 

Small artificial greenery stems with pinecones were added on each end of the mantel. 

The guests enjoyed seeing the snowy scenes of my house and yard. Many examined the photos up close to see details. I left the mantel decorated with the photos for several weeks that winter. 

Another idea is a spring mantel using photos taken when pear, redbud, or dogwood trees and daffodils, muscari, and tulips are blooming. Place vases of fresh spring bulbs on coffee tables or side tables to complement the mantel. A large container of blooming branches on a foyer table can greet guests as they arrive. Inexpensive, but striking decorations with a personal connection to your home are easy to create. 

PIN to your home decorating Pinterest board for future reference when it snows. Grab your camera and take photos from several viewpoints and angles of your house and garden. Take some full view photos of your house and yard, but also take close up photos of statues, flower pots, outdoor furniture, front door, trees, and sidewalks.  

A collection of snowy pictures of your home makes beautiful winter decor.