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Email Subscriber News | January 2024

Sunday, January 14, 2024

The email subscription service provider MailerLite will no longer provide the subscription service I use to email every new blog post to subscribers enrolled. The ending date is February 1, 2024. 

I am exploring other options. If I find a new provider plan, I will migrate all current subscribers to the new plan. Those of you who receive my posts in your email inbox will not have to do anything to continue to receive the latest blog posts. 

Photo of Current Email Subscription Form ⬆︎

Since my blog does not make money for me, I need a FREE email subscription service. You probably have noticed there are no advertisements on my blog. If a new plan is not implemented to replace the plan ending on February 1, 2024, you will no longer receive the latest post directly in your email inbox. 

Keep reading for a few suggestions of other ways to continue to find Botanic Bleu to read. While they may not be ideal substitutes for getting the beginning of a new article directly in your email inbox, you can still locate the latest post with only an extra couple of clicks. 

How to Find 

Botanic Bleu Blog Posts


Find Botanic Bleu on Pinterest at Botanic Bleu Blog

I post one or more photos from the latest blog post on the Botanic Bleu Blog pinterest board after each new post is published. Click on the most recent photo to take you to the latest blog post

One of the bonuses about the Pinterest board Botanic Bleu Blog is the board has at least one photo from every post published. You can scroll through to find other posts that interest you. Just click on any photo to go straight to the blog post related to the photo.

Botanic Bleu PINTEREST also has several French-inspired boards you may enjoy. A few are French Country Design, French Country Design Exteriors, French Country Christmas, French Country Living. 


Find Botanic Bleu on Instagram at Botanic Bleu Instagram

Instagram is another social media account I post a photo from the latest blog post after it is published. To find the Botanic Bleu blog, you have to go to my Instagram profile and click on the link to the Botanic Bleu blog. The link only takes you to the current blog post. You can scroll down the blog to see up to five of the latest blog posts. You cannot click on a photo in Instagram to take you to the specific post in which the photo occurs. 

Bookmark on Your Internet Browser

Bookmark Botanic Bleu on your internet browser at Botanic Bleu Blog

Be sure to bookmark the page the link above takes you. If you bookmark a specific blog post, the bookmark will take you back to that post, not the most recent post. The link above takes you to the latest post on the HOME PAGE of Botanic Bleu. 

Anytime you want to read Botanic Bleu, click on your bookmark. 

The bookmarked link takes you to Botanic Bleu HOME PAGE which shows the latest blog post first, followed by four more posts that were recently posted. A few introductory paragraphs and a photo show up for each post, but to read an entire post, click on the phrase Read more = at the bottom of the introductory paragraph of the post. 

If you are using a mobile device to read Botanic Bleu, most likely the BLOG ARCHIVE does not show up on your phone. If you use a computer or laptop internet browser to read the blog, you should see the BLOG ARCHIVE list on the right-hand column of the blog. The archive contains a list of all of the posts published by year and month. You can search the archives to read any post. 


Thank you for reading Botanic Bleu. 

Posts in 2023 were few and far between until November-December when I wrote 26 articles about Christmas Traditions from A to Z.  Unfortunately, I am once again experiencing health issues that limit my energy and ability to create new photos and new blog articles. I will publish new articles as I can.