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Blue Wedgwood Tabletop Christmas Tree

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Wedgwood blue Christmas ornaments on an artificial tabletop flocked Christmas tree are perfect to use all around the house. Over the years, the tree has added Christmas cheer to my bathroom vanity, an entry hall table, a living room side table, and the top of the pine chest at the end of the fireplace. 

Christmas decorations in non-traditional Christmas colors
Through the years the collection of blue Wedgwood ornaments was expanded to include white Wedgwood ornaments to create a stunning blue and white Christmas tree. 

Blue & White Wedgwood 
Tabletop Christmas Tree 

Non-traditional Christmas colors for tabletop tree
I first saw a photo of a set of blue Wedgwood ornaments hanging from a lush evergreen garland on a mantel many years ago in an advertisement in a Southern Living magazine. Wedgwood released a new design each Christmas. On a young-ish school teacher's salary, I could only buy one ornament that first Christmas, and it was bought during the after-Christmas sale in a large department store. 

Homemade blue and white silk sachets supplemented blue Wedgwood ornaments on a tabletop Christmas tree
For the first few years, I supplemented blue Wedgwood Christmas ornaments with blue and white homemade silk sachets filled with lavender. I used a rubber stamp for the bird's nest design and clear iron-on labels to make the Joyeux Noël design. Each sachet was embellished with a small gold-colored charm. 

A 3-D blue and white Wedgwood Christmas angel is a tree topper for a tabletop Christmas tree
Each Christmas I added to my collection of Wedgwood ornaments. Some came from outlet stores, some came from after-Christmas sales, some came from eBay, and some were gifts from family members. An exquisite three-dimensional angel now serves as the tree topper and was a Christmas gift from my mother. 

Wedgwood has several series of blue and white annual Christmas ornaments
Wedgwood made several series of Christmas ornaments over the years. The first ones I collected were round blue disks with white Christmas designs. The tree now has blue star-shaped ornaments, blue curved top ornaments, small white snowflakes, white ornaments such as the Santa face and an angel with a horn, blue cut-out ornaments, and white cut-out ornaments. 

A blue cutout Wedgwood shepherd and sheep ornament has a front and back design
A blue cut-out ornament of a shepherd and sheep was the first cut-out ornament I found several years ago. The ornaments are small works of art with extraordinary details. Each has a three-dimensional design with a front and back view of the figures in the ornament. The other side of the shepherd and sheep ornament has sheep hiding the lower half of the shepherd and has the back of the shepherd for the upper half of the shepherd. 

Watch for Wedgwood blue and white Christmas annual ornaments on eBay
I continue to watch for Wedgwood Christmas ornaments and buy duplicates of the cut-out designs. 

Since Wedgwood blue and white cutout Christmas ornaments have a front and back, you can have more than one of the same design
Since there are different front and back views I can display both sides by having more than one of the same ornament like the three wisemen on camels. 

Blue and white Wedgwood Christmas ornaments are beautiful non traditional Christmas colors
The blue and white Wedgwood ornaments are not the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, but go with my everyday decor colors. The pine chest is probably my favorite place for the tabletop tree because it complements the blue lily print on the wall behind it. 


Coming soon is a post with more non-traditional colors for Christmas decor... a peach colored stocking with pompoms!