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Christmas Red French Country Bathroom

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Nothing says Christmas like RED! Add a touch of red color and instantly everyday decor becomes beautiful Christmas decor. By changing two items in my French Country inspired bathroom and adding red French Country decor, my bathroom is now decorated for Christmas. 

Four pops of Christmas Red in my French Country Bathroom make a big impact.
Four red Christmas items grouped together make a bigger impact than scattering the four items around a room. Having all four red items together creates a focal point that draws everyone's eyes directly to the window area of the bathroom, including from the adjoining bedroom. Only later does anyone notice another spot of red... 

... the red robe of Father Christmas on a handmade stocking hanging from a wreath hanger on the half wall to left side of the photo. 

Take a look back at the bathroom before Christmas red items appeared. 

Before Christmas Was Added

A vintage white spindle-back child's chair in the French Country bathroom
A vintage white spindle-back child's chair sat beneath a large curved white towel rack that filled the white bead board wall. The towel rack curved out into the room several inches. 


After Christmas Was Added

A vintage blue milk-painted ladder back chair in the French Country bathroom replaced a white child's chair.
The first step in the transformation from everyday to Christmas was to replace the large curved towel rack with a smaller similar rack. Both racks are white painted iron and have heart designs on each end. However, this smaller towel rack is not as deep as the larger rack. In addition, the rack is raised a few inches so it does not interfere with the taller ladder back chair that replaced the white spindle-back child's chair. 

The ladder back chair is also vintage, painted in deep blue milk paint that is slightly worn in places. Not new to me, I bought it from an antique store in New England around the time we built our house. Previously the chair sat in the bedroom. When the new oak flooring was installed I decluttered the bedroom, and the blue chair was moved out of the room. The blue color goes well with the everyday blue walls and the striped Roman shade in the bathroom. The dark blue is also a nice contrast to the white painted wood wall and sink vanity.    

A kitchen towel made in France has the design woven in, not printed on, the beautiful French Country towel.
The red and white kitchen towel was made in France and adds an authentic piece of French Country to the red Noël decor. The towel's pattern is woven into the design, not printed. Exquisite! 

Tone on tone red fabric of a Noël pillow is beautiful shades of red in the French Country Christmas bathroom.
Also exquisite, I love the tone-on-tone red and white Noël pillow printed with lines of French script! 

Christmas red and white floor mat in the French Country bathroom adds holiday style.
Snowflakes fascinate me. As a former math teacher, I am mesmerized by their unique hexagonal patterns, and the snowflake on the mat is stunning. Truly its design is worthy of being a natural beauty floating to earth in a snowstorm. The mat has a rubber back which is another thing I love about it. No slipping out from under my feet. 

German glass glitter sprinkled on a dark red wood Christmas tree is perfect as snow glistening on tree branches.
The wood tree was originally somewhat a rustic wood tone with a little whitewash for a neutral look. I liked it, but when I started putting together the red Christmas items for the bathroom, I realized a red tree would give the windowsill just the pop of color needed to go with all the other reds. Dark red spray paint updated the tree. 

A few years ago, I saw and read about German glass glitter from Miss Mustard Seed's blog and have had visions of German glass glitter floating around in the back of my mind ever since. Until painting the wood tree I wasn't sure how or for what I could use the glass glitter, but it is perfect as snow glistening on tree branches. With only a little research online, I was able to find sources for small quantities of glitter, and I am now hooked on German glass glitter. Wait until you see how I used the glitter to make an Eiffel Tower photo sparkle like when the lights are turned on the Tower for five minutes, on the hour, each night. 

Four pops of red decor clustered together in a French Country bathroom are beautiful decor for the season.
While all the red colors are not perfect color matches, all the reds used are dark reds that I prefer over lighter, more orange shades of red. 


My French Country bathroom is decorated in gorgeous Christmas-y RED for the holidays! 


More Christmas posts are in the works so you can get ideas for decorating your own home for the Christmas season. While you may not be ready to decorate for Christmas NOW, seeing ideas now gives you enough time to plan, to spray paint, and to order German glass glitter online. All with enough time to enjoy the season. 

Petit à petit, l'oiseau fair son nid.
(Little by little, the bird makes its nest.) 


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