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French Country Everyday Table Setting

Friday, May 8, 2020

Everyday table settings on an antique French Country breakfast table include white dishes, scroll flatware, and a small blue floral pot with a lobelia bedding plant. 

French Country Everyday Table Setting is simple
Nothing fancy for everyday, but still beautiful in its simplicity. 

F r e n c h   C o u n t r y  

e v e r y d a y   t a b l e   s e t t i n g

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French Country Everyday Table Setting with blue and white placemats
Blue and white cotton placemats remain at each place between use. 

French Country Everyday Table Setting with lavender and bee coasters
Summery coasters with lavender plants, beehive, and buzzing bees are for setting down icy drinks during the day. 

French Country Everyday Table Setting with blue lobelia bedding plant
Late afternoon sun casts long shadows and highlights the blue lobelia. 

French Country Everyday Table Setting with dishes and scroll flatware left out between use
White plates and white scroll enamel flatware sit on the table instead of stored behind cabinet doors. 

French Country Everyday Table Setting with beautiful white scroll flatware
A long oval white dish is a perfect size for holding the flatware. Its scalloped edges complement the flatware handles and the white plates' edges. 

French Country Everyday Table Setting is beautiful in its simplicity
An everyday French Country table setting is beautiful in its simplicity. 

j o i e   d e   v i v r e
(joy of living)

for everyday



French Country White Scroll Flatware ~ Botanic Bleu 

Placemats ~ Pottery Barn, several years ago 

White Dishes ~ Pier I, several years ago 

Coasters ~ Botanic Bleu, no longer available 

Blue Floral Flower Pot ~ local shop, no longer available, similar ones available at Botanic Bleu 

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  1. Not only beautiful in its simplicity, but there is also a sense of elegance. What a beautiful setting for a meal!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  2. This is a beautiful, simplistic post. Why I adore French decorating, mixing elegant, simple and rustic.



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