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Spring Pansies Nestled With Bird Eggs

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

After weeks of promises of spring only to be winter again, warm weather and sunshine have finally arrived. Spring pansies nestled with bird eggs celebrate coming out of the dark days. 

Spring pansies nestled with bird eggs on a rustic coffee table on the porch
Sheltering in place at home I gathered violas from flower pots on the porch and arranged them with blue ceramic/clay bird eggs on the rustic coffee table outside. 

S P R I N G   P A N S I E S  

N E S T L E D   W I T H   B I R D   E G G S 

a  l i t t l e  j o i e  d e  v i v r e 

Spring purple and yellow pansies nestled with bird eggs make a spring arrangement
'Tis true no one but family would see the small arrangement on the porch. Even more truthfully, beautiful arrangements need only one person to enjoy them, to bring joie de vivre (joy of living.) 

Spring pansies nestled with bird eggs offer moments of pure joy

Life requires food for sustenance...  

Life also requires moments of pure joy to feed our spirits. 

Spring pansies nestled with bird eggs offer everyday beauty at home
Cool days with overcast skies dripping with rain are incubators for depression. Add a world-wide battle against a new virus with limited or no interaction with loved ones, and little wonder so many of us can become despondent.  

At such a time, a little beauty helps us, and sharing that beauty with others helps them. Helps us all fight the loneliness, the fears, and the uncertainty.  

Spring pansies nestled with bird eggs use yellow pansies to contrast with purple and blue
One bright spot, like the little yellow viola pansy in a gathering of purples and blues, makes all the difference in a flower arrangement.

And, one bright spot in our lives makes all the difference in our spirits.  

Spring pansies nestled with bird eggs give joie de vivre during times of crisis
Experience is often the best teacher for us truly to understand a concept. In a flash, our perspective is changed. 

Now that we have experienced profound loneliness coupled with fear of disease and death, I understand better how older people living in isolation are lonely and despondent, living without joie de vivre

May I ever be mindful of how I can help others so there are bright spots in their lives. I need to check on Bob, my neighbor who lives alone. 


Why do I write a blog? 

Even during times of crises?

To spread a little joie de vivre

Especially during times of crises.

I hope these photos of spring pansies nestled with bird eggs have brought joie de vivre to you.