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Easter Table With Bluebonnets

Friday, April 3, 2020

Easter's on its way! 

See all the details of my special Easter table setting with a bluebonnet centerpiece and handmade Easter paper cones as party favors. The table is set with my favorite color combination, blue and white. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets is one of my all time favorite blue and white table settings
This Easter table may be my favorite table setting of all time. Bluebonnets, white dishes, French Country white scroll flatware,  etched blue stem glasses, blue-speckled chocolate candy eggs, handmade paper cones... What is there not to love? And, there's that adorable lamb with an impish grin on his face. 

E A S T E R   T A B L E  

 W I T H    B L U E B O N N E T S 

Thank you, Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home, for hosting a wonderful spring blog hop, Easter's On Its Way! and for inviting me to join over 20 of my creative blogging friends as we share our ideas for Easter and Spring. 

A special welcome to readers coming from Christy at Our Southern Home. Christy's home in South Carolina is filled with southern charm that makes my Alabama-transplanted-to-Texas heart happy. Be sure to visit ALL the links at the end for an incredible collection of Spring ideas. 


It is bluebonnet season in north Texas, and I love having my own bluebonnets in the backyard. They were the inspiration for this year's Easter table setting. 

We are keeping our Easter traditions even when it is just a few of us "sheltering in place." A special Easter table is just what we need to keep our spirits up, don't you think?  

Easter Table With Bluebonnets cut from my backyard
While I can cut all of the bluebonnets I want to bring inside, I limit myself to just one or two arrangements each spring so there will be plenty of bluebonnet seeds outside for next year's flowers. 

An Easter table is so special it merits one of this year's bluebonnet bouquets. 

Easter Bluebonnets begin as soft blue florets and darken as they grow
Bluebonnets come in many shades of blue in the wild, but the dark brilliant blue is the most common shade found in pastures, along highways, and my backyard. 

The opening florets begin as soft blues and darken as they grow. All of the blues go well with the French blues throughout my house. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets Centerpiece with an adorable lamb with an impish grin
The adorable lamb with its impish grin fits perfectly in front of the bluebonnet bouquet, and he brings a smile to all who see him. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets began with pale blue placemats with a single large white flower
Pale blue placemats with a single white flower set off the white place settings and go with the handmade paper cones at each place. 

Spring is visible outside the window with all the fresh, vibrant greens. This spot is one the favorites in my house for everyone, especially visitors. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets have French Country white scroll flatware at each place setting
French Country white scroll flatware pairs perfectly with the white dishes with scrolled edges. This white flatware goes with everything and always adds a special French touch to any place setting. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets has pale blue stemware with a floral etched design
Delicate pale blue stemware with a floral etched design coordinates with the table's colors and with the season, a time for blooms. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets continues a family tradition of Easter treats with handmade paper cones
An Easter tradition in our family is to have Easter treats. This year's special treat is a handmade paper cone with blue-speckled chocolate candy eggs at each place setting for adults as well as children. 

See my last post, DIY Easter Paper Cones | Blue Speckled Candy Eggs, for details and instructions for how to make your own paper cones.  With Easter a little over a week away, you have plenty of time to make these. Or, for your children to make and to leave on the doorstep to surprise their grandparents for Easter. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets has handmade blue paper cones filled with blue candy eggs
When I began the table ideas, I planned to use white paper grass in the blue paper cones, but realized the table needed a touch of green to go with the green outside the window and with the bluebonnet bouquet. 

The dark green wood grass showcases the blue candy eggs so much better than a pale-colored paper grass. 

Each place setting has a DIY paper cone with a fleur de lis wax seal on the Easter Table With Bluebonnets
A white fleur de lis wax seal adds more of my favorite decorating style, French Country, to the Easter table with bluebonnets. 

Easter Table With Bluebonnets has several little details to create a French Country style
Little details make a big difference. And, all the little details come together to create a signature style, French Country. 

Keeping our traditions alive during unusual times makes all the difference in creating joy. 

Happy Easter 

from my table to yours 

Next up is my good friend, Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles. Please hop over to see how she is welcoming Easter at her home. And then visit all of my other good blogging friends who are sharing how they are celebrating spring and Easter to create joy in their homes. 

Be safe. Be joyous!


No shopping for several weeks due to "sheltering in place" to stay safe and to keep others safe. Everything used in the Easter table setting is from years gone by, collected from the backyard, or made using materials on hand. 

When you buy what you love over the years, you will create a collection that goes together, and one that never goes out of style! 

S O U R C E S 

White Dinner Plates - Pier I, pattern no longer available 

White Salad Plates - Home Goods, three or four years ago

Placemats - Pottery Barn, several years ago

Blue Floral Etched Glassware - online, several years ago

Green Wood Grass - Hobby Lobby, last year

French Country White Scroll Flatware - Botanic Bleu, email for information on how to order 
{Disclosure: If you purchase items from Botanic Bleu, I receive compensation for your purchase. See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy for more information.} 

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