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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Sunspace Spring Update

Monday, April 13, 2020

Along with spring cleaning of the sunspace in my kitchen comes French Country updates. A little rearranging of the shelves on the plate stand and a few new additions add freshness inside to match the new freshness outside the windows. 

French Country Sunspace Update on a gray metal plate stand with white dishes
The gray metal plate stand serves as storage and display for a collection of white dishes. 

F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   S U N S P A C E  

 s p r i n g   u p d a t e   

French Country Sunspace Update includes a blue and white placemat on the back of the plate stand
Keeping plates and bowls on the French Country style stand near the breakfast table makes the dishes handy to use and makes it easy to add French style to the space. 

This spring a pale French bleu placemat with a white flower landed on the top back rung of the metal stand as a place to store the extra placemat from the nearby dining table. Quite by coincidence, the width of the plate stand is the perfect size for placemats. 

French Country Sunspace Update with natural color wooden eggs for spring decor
Life-size wooden eggs are beautiful decor for all spring, not just during the Easter season. The natural color of the wood blends well with the white dishes and the scenes outside the windows. 

French Country Sunspace almost always includes white French style urns with preserved boxwood
French style urns are part of the standard decor on the plate stand year round. Whatever is displayed in the urns has an automatic French Country look. Most of the year, a preserved boxwood topiary adds even more French design to the urn on the top shelf. 

But, not always. 

See a DIY Budget Friendly Moss Topiary for how I created an ivy-covered moss bunny for the French style urn one spring. 

French Country Sunspace includes DIY Easter paper cones
This spring DIY Easter Paper Cones stand in the smaller French style urn atop plates on the second shelf. 

French Country Sunspace urn holds blue DIY Easter paper cones with white fleur de lis wax seals
The fleur de lis wax seals are another French touch to the plate stand. 

French Country Sunspace Update includes tips for cleaning preserved boxwood
Another preserved boxwood sits inside a vintage chamber pot on the bottom shelf. 

To clean the preserved boxwood, hold it upside down under the kitchen sink sprayer. Spray a gentle stream of cool water over the boxwood taking care not to spray water downward into the preserved boxwood. 

Take the dripping boxwood outside to gently shake it upside down to remove excess water. Use a paper towel to wipe down the individual leaves to dry them and to remove dust from the boxwood. Spring-clean fresh! And rejuvenated by the water. 

French Country Sunspace has large wall of windows and overhead windows with a French style metal plate stand
Greenery inside the sunspace blends with the sparkling new green growth outside. 

French Country Sunspace includes a vintage worn blue high chair used as a plant stand with an ivy heart topiary
Inside the vintage high chair is a live ivy heart topiary. The seasons are little overlapping with the heart shape and the green metal tree stake.  

This spring's French Country Sunspace update includes a dried lavender wreath
A new dried lavender wreath hangs from the wall lamp used to shed light on the dining table when the sun goes down. 

French Country Sunspace Update includes a dried lavender wreath hanging from a blue and white striped ribbon between windows
A blue and white wired-ribbon coordinates with the blues throughout my home and the French Country sunspace in the kitchen. 

How is your Spring cleaning coming? 

Do you find your life follows the seasons and naturally includes Spring cleaning? Maybe even more so this Spring? 

Seeing my French Country sunspace fresh with a little rearranging and with a few new additions seems to breathe new life into my home each Spring.