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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Peach Greenhouse New Deck

Monday, August 12, 2019

The greenhouse created from salvaged old doors and windows got a new/old deck earlier this spring. Salvaged redwood deck boards now allow an easy transition from the greenhouse's peach French doors into the small adjacent garden. 

Peach greenhouse new deck is made from salvaged redwood boards

The deck boards came from the old deck removed from my house. Not enough boards could be salvaged to create a new deck on the house, but there were enough boards in good condition for a small greenhouse deck. 

P E A C H   G R E E N H O U S E   

G E T S  N E W  D E C K  

from salvaged redwood 

Peach greenhouse new deck opens onto a small garden of gravel, limestone rocks, and lirope grass
A small semi-shaded garden lies behind my garden shed along side the greenhouse. Gravel, white limestones of various shapes and sizes, and transplanted lirope grass form the structure of the small garden. 

Peach greenhouse new deck provides a level transition from the greenhouse to a small garden
The ground slopes away from the greenhouse which made stepping through the peach French doors into the garden area somewhat tricky. The new deck provides a level transition from greenhouse to garden. 

To give an idea of where this area is located, the house is visible just over the tops of the garden shed and greenhouse. 

Peach greenhouse new deck leads to an open meadow surrounded by native woods
Beyond the greenhouse is an open meadow surrounded by wooded areas left in their natural state. The biggest section of the woods is about 70 feet by 300 feet and is a buffer between our lot and the neighbors. The only things removed from the woods are wild saw briar vines, poison oak, and a couple of overgrown paths in the woods that are cleared occasionally. 

Otherwise, the area is a natural habitat for small animals, birds, butterflies, and bees. Dead trees fall and are left to rot where they fell. No supplementary watering, fertilizers, or pesticides are used in the small woods. When we have long, hot summers with drought conditions, the woods suffer. However, the stand of trees are native plants adapted to the region's climate. The cycle of nature is allowed to happen without interference. 

Peach greenhouse new deck is built around existing large oak tree
Trees near the garden shed and greenhouse do receive some supplementary water from the overflow of watering container plants and flowers, lirope, and shrubs planted in the garden. 

Space in the deck was left around the existing large oak tree, but will need to be enlarged as the tree grows. 

Peach greenhouse new deck provides good spot for growing plants in containers
The new deck along the south side of the greenhouse is a good spot for flowers and shrubs grown in large containers. In the heat of  the summer, the large oak tree provides filtered shade. In the winter, the bare trees allow the sun to warm the plants. 

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