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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Romantic French Country Pink Peonies

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Romantic French country pink peonies are beloved early summer perennials that captivate gardeners, florists, brides, and flower lovers everywhere. With their overblown, blousy blooms, peonies add romance to any setting, including my post and beam French-inspired American country house.    

Romantic French country pink peonies in a post and beam country house
Peonies are so well-loved and popular they are sold in local grocery stores which means those of us whose gardens do not include peonies can still enjoy them as bouquets in our homes. 

R O M A N T I C   F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y 

P I N K   P E O N I E S

Romantic French country pink peonies on kitchen island in post and beam house with limestone wall
Three large bouquets of peonies in my French-inspired country kitchen fill the room with their fragrance. 

Post-and-beam construction with a white limestone wall could be a house in Provence, France, but instead is a house in the countryside just minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. 

Romantic French country pink peonies with framed prints from France
In addition to the house's architecture, French country style comes from a large gold-framed print of Château de Chenonceau on the stone wall and a small white rectangular framed print of details of Pont Alexander III (bridge over the Seine) in Paris, France. 

Romantic French country pink peonies add finishing touch for French inspired country living
And, the pink peonies provide the finishing touch for French Country living. 

Romantic French country pink peonies can be seen from post and beam living room
The kitchen merges with the living room through an eight-foot wide opening which allows the peonies to be enjoyed from the living room also. 

Romantic French country pink peonies on kitchen island with breakfast sunspace
The peonies are beautiful from every angle in the house. 

When you come through the front door into the house, you see straight to the trees in the backyard through the sunspace windows. The outside comes inside through the sunspace breakfast area of the kitchen.

Romantic French country pink peonies could be an Impressionist painting
Inside, the peonies could be an Impressionist painting. 

Romantic French country pink peonies in a post and beam house
Please PIN ⥣ to your Pinterest boards. 


French Country is more than a 
decorating style; 
French Country is also a lifestyle that 
elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Romantic pink peonies ... 
make a day extraordinary. 

Hoping you are having an extraordinary day! 


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  1. Yes, one of my favorite flowers. Love your blog.

  2. They are beautiful, Judith. I can't think of many things any prettier than peonies! Lovely post!

    1. Ricki,
      Thank you! Peonies make everything prettier.


  3. Those peonies are just drop dead gorgeous. I love flowers and have never seen a real peony
    but would love to have some.............they are just so wonderful.
    They make your home even more charming than it already is...
    Blessings and Happy Independence Day!

    1. Nellie,
      Peonies and hydrangeas were part of my mother's flower gardens. Alas, I have a hard time growing both of them.


  4. Gorgeous! So lovely and peonies smell so wonderful too.

  5. Beautiful pictures of one of my favorite flowers! I don't know where you have been buying your peonies, but Trader Joe's has some beautiful bouquets! Five stems for $7.99. They've had them for about a month or so and hopefully they'll still have some when I go there tomorrow.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    1. Marilyn,
      These peonies came from the local Kroger's grocery store and from Sprouts. The closest Trader Joe's is in Fort Worth, but when we go to that part of Ft. Worth, we always stop in to see what flowers Trader Joe's has.


  6. DownTheLaneWithDaisy,
    Thank you so much.


  7. Absolutely stunning Judith - your photos are beautiful! ❤️ And peonies are the perfect finishing touch to your lovely home! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. I’m curious to know others experiences with growing peonies. We had two plants for over 20 years at our former home and struggled to get a bloom that would open. They were in part shade and very disappointing. Today we picked up two plants at Lowe’s on the markdown rack for $10.00 each. At our current home we have many full sun options so we are going to give it a try. It would be so nice to have some of the beautiful flowers that you have shown here!

  9. I love this post! My sweet mother in law had peonies and they were so beautiful.

  10. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers! I want to plant some, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Yours look beautiful!

  11. OH, Judith!!! I am so sorry I didn't see your post until now but I think I'll pull a photo anyway and share at the top for Share Your Style #217 anyway!!! Your home has such lovely light coming in from all angles. Love your oak trees out in the backyard (assuming that's the back through the dining room/sunroom windows)!!!

    Enjoy your weekend and isn't it lovely in the cool mornings,
    Barb :)

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I was happy to feature this post at last week's TFT party. I hope you will join us again this week!


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