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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

New French Garden Urns

Monday, May 21, 2018

How do you get a French look in your garden? 

One way that guarantees to take your garden from a beautiful collection of plants without a defined style to a French-inspired style is to use plants like those grown in France ... 

... and to plant them in garden urns with classic French design. 

New French Garden Urns in 2 sizes and 2 shapes on the potting bench
Two-balled topiaries, single-ball ivy topiaries, triple-ball myrtle topiaries, and cone-shaped rosemary topiaries have not been too difficult to find for both my inside and outside gardens, but affordable French garden urns are another story. 

New French Garden Urns Needed for Garden Shed Deck
The cone topiaries on the porch of my French-inspired garden shed have needed transplanting into larger pots from day one, but I could not find a just-right pot. 

One that would exclaim, "French Style." 

  • Footed pedestal 
  • Medallion or scroll in the design 
  • White or off-white or cream color 

Last year I bought two pots after searching for pots for several months, but took them back right away when I got them home and realized they were not large enough. 

Plus, they were not exactly the look I wanted.  

After searching for several more months for an affordable French garden urn into which to transplant the topiaries, I found what I was looking for this spring. 

New French Garden Urns Will Allow Cone Topiary to Grow


Meet my new French garden urn. 

The poor plants have suffered from being in a too-small container, but this pot is much larger. With fertilizer, additional nutrient-rich potting soil, and tender-loving care, the plants should perk back up. 

I love this new French garden urn, and the garden center had other sizes in two shapes of the urns. 

New French Garden Urns in 2 Sizes and 2 Shapes on Potting Bench
What do you do when you finally find what you are looking for? 

Yes, I bought all of the urns at one store, and filled up my sister's SUV with them. Made a trip home, unloaded the new urns, and ... 

... went to another location of the same company for more. 

New French Garden Urn Holds Fresh Live Boxwood
Maybe I bought all of them, too, at the second location. 

The tall-shaped urn came in three sizes. The largest-size urn holds the topiaries on the garden shed open deck. The one that started the buying spree. 

The small-sized urn, above, holds a fresh boxwood shrub on the open deck of the house. 

New French Garden Urns Hold Cone Topiaries
French style calls for symmetry. Two medium-sized urns hold new smaller boxwood cones on the covered porch. 

New French Garden Urn Allows Cone Topiary to Grow Larger
There is room in the urn for the shrub to grow bigger. 

New French Garden Urns Vary in Color
The colors of these urns are perfect for my gardens. The color of each one varies a little with some showing more blue than others. 

New French Garden Urn Holds Pom Pom Topiary
A new pom-pom topiary fits the medium-sized low urn with extra room also for the plant to grow larger. 

New Small French Garden Urn Holds French Lavender
The small-sized low urn holds French lavender plants. 


I bought more lavender plants, including different lavender varieties, to plant in other French garden urns. 

More new French garden urns. I found another style of French garden urn from another source. Naturally, I bought some of those urns, too. 

Now I'm working on potting all the new lavender plants in their new French garden urns and will share photos of them soon. 


Update: Source of French Garden Urn 

Calloway's Nursery, Ft. Worth company, has 21 store locations in  north central Texas towns in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and one store location in Houston, TX. 
I shopped at the South Cooper Arlington and Mansfield store locations. 

Brand: Unknown, not shown on the pots. The only information lists item numbers and Made in Vietnam. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you found some ideas for your own garden.