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5 Features in Floral Gardening Shoes

Monday, May 28, 2018

If you love gardening, you probably garden in all kinds of weather. Sunny, warm, hot, cold, and even rainy weather. Some days are easier than others. On those days that are not so easy, special gardening shoes with great features make gardening in messy, rainy weather more fun than slogging about your muddy garden in canvas tennis shoes. 

5 features in floral gardening shoes to watch for

5  F E A T U R E S  I N  G A R D E N I N G  S H O E S 

What are five features in these ultra-cute gardening shoes that you should look for when you buy your gardening shoes? 

5 features in floral gardening shoes include a fun floral print

 Fun florals ... 
Look at this happy pattern full of color and FLOWERS. Don't these shoes make you smile just by looking at them? Of course, pretty floral shoes are not going to make it easier physically for you to garden, but they sure make it FUN to garden whatever the weather which makes it easier mentally for you to garden. 

5 features in floral gardening shoes include slip on style and heel loop

Slip-on shoes ... 
Slip-on shoes make it easier to get them on and to get them off since you do not have to lace up ties or strap buckles. You may find it easier to put shoes on if ties or buckles open the shoes up for more wiggle room, but ties and buckles make getting muddy shoes off harder. 

Mud-caked shoes are no fun to get off if you have to wrestle with ties or buckles coated with mud. And, cleaning mud from ties and buckles is more difficult than cleaning a slip-on shoe. 

Loop on heel ... 
The loop on the back helps get these shoes on and off. Just a quick pull UP helps your feet slide down into the shoe when you put them on. Another quick pull DOWN helps your feet slide up and out of the shoe ... without having to grab a muddy shoe on the sides ... when you take them off.  

5 features in floral gardening shoes include one piece construction for waterproof shoes

 One piece construction ...
Seamless construction makes the shoes waterproof. The shoes are all one piece, and the sole and top are sealed together with rubber  all the way around. No water seeping in between the sole and shoe top. 

Rainy weather is not the only time you get your feet wet in the garden. Here in Texas, we have to supplement rain by watering our gardens, and the water splashing out of a hose often means getting both our clothes and shoes wet. 

With these fun floral garden shoes, there is a chance you won't get your feet wet while you are getting your shoes wet. 

5 features in floral gardening shoes include rubber tread soles for safety

 Rubber tread soles ...
Wet, muddy ground is slippery, and the rubber tread soles on the shoes provide traction to keep you from falling. The tread soles are lightweight which keeps the shoes comfortable to work in. 

5 features in floral gardening shoes include adding fun to the potting bench

All in all, the features in these gardening shoes make working in the garden easier, safer, and more fun than canvas tennis shoes. 

And, where did we find these great shoes? At the local grocery store ... and ON SALE. 

Who could resist fun shoes for gardening on sale? Even when not wearing them they look fantastic on the potting bench. 


Happy Gardening In All Kinds Of Weather 
in adorable floral gardening shoes 


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