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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Design on Friday 18

Saturday, May 20, 2017

~ Architecture ~ 

Strolling the streets of Paris is as much of a museum visit as going to the Louvre. All of old Paris built between 1853-1927 was a grand French design with broad boulevards, new sewers, canals, parks and squares, and fountains begun with the idea of providing the working class with sanitary living quarters. 

History proves there were political reasons also, but the sweeping demolition of medieval Paris over a 54-year period gave the world 

the City of Light. 

A beautiful city in which one can get lost staring at the French architecture instead of paying attention to directions for the final destination...  

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the new modernized Paris (modern in 1853-1927) was the blocks of uniformly designed Haussmann Apartments. 

Take a stroll in Paris staring at the blue and white Haussmann Apartments for a study in French design. 

Businesses are typically located on the ground floor and apartments located on the higher floors. 

French doors, eyebrow arches, balconies with black wrought iron railings, and hip roofs are the norm for Paris apartment buildings. 

Building heights are uniform as are the general building fa├žades. Look up high to see some beautiful differences... carved stone curvy pediment. 

Some of the blue-grey roofs are slate shingles and others are standing-seam metal panels. 

Ornate carved stonework makes your stroll turn into a pause while you stare at all the details on the balcony supports and building walls. 

Have you lost your way yet, or are you still following the directions to your destination? 

Expensive top floor apartments overlooking the Tuileries Gardens in the 1st arrondissement have curved standing seam metal roofs. 

Does seeing the French design apartments from the outside make you want to see the inside of a luxury Paris apartment? 

Yes? French Entree lists apartments for sale in Paris and currently has a luxury apartment with views of the Eiffel Tower for sale. 

Warning... you may need to win the lottery to afford it. 

Make that, win the MEGA lottery. 
A scratch-off ticket won't do it. 

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A Paris Haussmann apartment is much more formal than my kitchen, but seeing the beautiful architecture of Paris inspires me to look for ways to add more French touches to my house. 

Come back each week for more photos taken in France that will give you ideas about how to create your own 

French-inspired garden and home.