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Callie the Model Cat

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Often when you least expect it, something good happens in your life. Like Callie, the model cat, coming to live with me. 

Not all pets are model pets. Callie had a litter of kittens, and two of them also made me their person. As much as I love them, they are not model cats like their mother Callie. 

Now, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would become a cat lady in my old age, but here I am, 

a cat lady with a model cat
and two not-model cats.   

My sister is the real cat lady in our family, always has been since her childhood. In fact, she is part of the reason Callie came to live with me, one snowy, freezing night in January five-six years ago. My sister was the one who spotted Callie sitting atop the snow on our top step outside the French doors. I shared the story of Callie and all my cats in the post Three Cats and a Fox

Callie loves being around her people. When I take pictures, she comes around, as if to say, "What are you doing?" 

She is photogenic, my model cat, but she is also so lovable, and never meets a stranger. She greets everyone politely, but with affection, allowing them to pet her, but does not jump on them. We think she is a Maine Coon cat because of both her physical characteristics and her gentle, loving nature with people as described in What's a Maine Coon? 

My other sweet kitties run and hide when they hear the doorbell ring. They must take after their fathers, not their mother. 

Curious, she follows my movements as I take photos, looking left, then right. 

When I call her name, she looks directly into the camera, as any model knows to do. 

Sweet, lovable, Callie 

a model cat in looks and actions.  

How strange and sad that someone left such a beautiful, loving cat out in the wintry cold. 

But, how fortunate for me she landed on my doorstep seeking a home. 

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  1. She is so beautiful. I'm so happy she found you.

  2. Callie is a beauty! I love Maine Coons, they have great personalities!

  3. What a beautiful furry friend!

    She looks a teeny bit like my dearest Romeo.

  4. She's beautiful! There's nothing better than a sweet natured cat. :)

  5. Callie does look like a Maine Coon without the ear tufts. I miss having a cat in the house and maybe I will get another at some point. I am very interested in getting a Maine Coon next time. My old orange tabby we lost just a few days before Christmas 2016. She was 24-years-old. She was over 10-years-old when we got her. We never thought a cat could live that long, but thankfully she was pretty healthy up to the end.

    Callie looks like a beautiful cat and you are lucky to have each other.


  6. Such a sweet post, Judith. Callie reminds me of the cat I had as a child. I loved that cat! She was my pet, my sister had a dog. I was a cat person in my younger days. Ha!
    I'm a dog person now, though I still like cats. ;-)

  7. What a gorgeous kitty. I love these photos.

  8. Callie and the kitties are the lucky ones for having found such a wonderful home. So many dogs and cats never experience a loving snuggle and a family to care for them.

    Thank you for sharing their story!

    Marilyn ( in Dallas - who is also the Mom to 4 rescue dogs!)

  9. Callie looks like my Inky Dinky Doo. What a beauty.
    His sister Charleigh has lost a lot of the top fluff except for her fluffy tail. A chow hound who runs at top speed through the house. I didn't mean to be the cat lady either, but they just kept coming once the feral cat found a home with food. Some days it looks like Cirque du Soleil here.

  10. What a pretty kitty! I have one too who always likes to know what is going on. It's fun to see how curious they are. Thanks for sharing your kitty with us!

  11. Callie is beautiful. It always breaks my heart to think how people throw cats out. That is what happened to both of my cats that I have now. But it was your gain and you are both so happy together. It was meant to be.


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