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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Design on Friday 12

Friday, March 31, 2017

~ Textiles ~

French-inspired gardens and homes include H O W we live, not just W H A T we live with. French Country is a lifestyle, not just garden and home decor recognized as French design. 

Look at the joy of living in the expression of a French grocer in Amiens, France as he arranges fruits and vegetables on the sidewalk outside his shop. 

A jaunty black beret and sturdy apron tied about his waist are part of his everyday attire, neither of which were styled for the photo. Indeed, the photo was impromptu, taken after he gave permission to be photographed. He was surprised and bemused that an American tourist wanted his photograph. 

Yet, the photo captures an authentic scene in French living; one that is repeated throughout France. One in which pride in presentation and fresh produce are common expectations at neighborhood corner grocery stores. 

And the scene in French living is one in which a practical apron is worn daily. 

A P R O N S are not worn just by grocers. 

Aprons are also worn to protect clothes while cooking, cleaning, painting, crafting, 

... and gardening. 

A vintage apron with a bib offers protection from dirt, water, and plant stains for gardeners and florists. 

This vintage apron came from the weekly Paris flea market at Place de la Porte de Vanves and is a useful souvenir of a memorable trip to France. 

Large pockets can hold rose clippers, marking pens, seed packets, balls of twine, plant labels... 

A second vintage apron with stitched down pleats and cross-over back straps came from a brocante (second-hand goods sale) along Rue Cler in Paris on the same trip. 

The button holes and buttons are hand stitched. 

If the apron is too snug to be buttoned, natural grosgrain ribbon can be sewn to each side of the back and used as apron strings to tie the apron. Even if the apron can be buttoned, apron strings may make the apron more comfortable to wear. 

Button down lapels on the front bib are another beautiful feature of the pleated apron that reflects a French flair for designer details even in utilitarian items. 

Vintage aprons from French flea markets are a way to add genuine French design to your garden and home for only a few dollars. 

Each time you wear one will bring French country living to your way of life. 

Are you now thinking of reasons to wear a 
vintage French apron? 

F R E N C H   D E S I G N 
on Friday 

Come back each Friday for another post in a design series that shows 1] a photo taken in France that illustrates French design and 2] how that design translates into our homes to create 

a French-inspired garden and home...

A special thank you to my sister for modeling the vintage French aprons.