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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Design on Friday #10

Friday, March 17, 2017

~ Lighting ~

Are you looking for exterior lighting with distinctive French design for your home? Where do you research for ideas of lighting to use? There are scores of lighting sources on the internet, but are the fixtures offered genuine French style? 

French country design is popular with interior designers, home builders, and bloggers. All offer their interpretations of French design. If you want your home to have authentic French design, start by looking at materials used in France. Go to the primary source for design ideas. 


Rue de Rivoli in Paris, France is one of the most famous of all Paris streets. Located in the heart of Paris in the 1st arrondissement, the covered walkways of Rue de Rivoli lead to boutiques, restaurants, tour companies, and hotels including the luxurious 5-star Hôtel Regina.   

Golden exterior lanterns light the covered arches surrounding Hôtel Regina. Black exterior lanterns in the same design light many of the rest of the covered walkways in the heart of old Paris. 

Uncovered open streets nearby have the same design for lanterns on lamp posts that are black.

The Louvre Palace is located on Rue de Rivoli with the Rue de Rivoli metro stop just steps away from an entrance to the Louvre. 

The street lantern design reminds me of a crown which is befitting its location in the city of French kings and queens. On top is a circle of medieval style towers. 

The present day Louvre was built on the foundation of a 12th century fortress, and the old fortress tower walls are visible in the basement level of the Louvre known as Medieval Louvre. From the first time I visited the Medieval Louvre wing it became my favorite section of the Louvre museum. 

French country style lighting comes in many styles, but a Paris crown design lantern is a perfect style for a covered exterior entry, covered porch, or a vaulted interior foyer. 

Lowe's {no affiliation} currently has two exterior lanterns that are similar to the Paris lanterns. An advantage of buying lighting rated exterior is being able to use the fixture inside also. 

Source: Lowe's - no longer available

Source: Lowe's - no longer available

I like the second fixture and daydream about buying it and changing its color to gold using Rub 'n Buff. 

If only my foyer were vaulted... 

Do you have French design lanterns in your home? 

Come back each Friday for more snapshots of French architecture, houses, textiles, metal work, food, woodwork, landscapes... and discover inspiration for creating 

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