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Deck Update 1- French Style

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Deck updates at my house usually take several weeks, sometimes months, and some updates even take years. Budget, energy, time, materials availability, and worker availability are all factors that influence how long updates take. 

Let's not forget Mother Nature's role. Sunshine needed. Rain and hail delivered. 

What did I do that made her so angry? 

Isn't that what happens in most people's lives? 

Few of us have resources - time, money, energy, contacts - to work around-the-clock until an update is completed. Another thing not to forget is L I F E occurs. Unexpected events happen that require our attention.

Yet, progress is made.

Deck Update 1 - French Style



Everything came together this week for some changes on the deck. 

Mother Nature smiled, and sunshine appeared during the day between tantrum bouts at night that delivered thunder, lightening, and rain. 

First, the old beyond-repair wooden bench was dragged off the deck onto the paver walkway awaiting removal by the yardwork crew. 

In its place is the glass and sewing machine base table that now holds French-style pots and .......

A G A P A N T H U S ... a dwarf variety, full of blooms... found unexpectedly at a local nursery. 

Sometimes the unexpected events in L I F E that happen are good! 

The flowers provide shelter and resting spots for birds, bees, and butterflies that come to the blue bowl watering hole. 

During recent harsh winters Mother Nature unleashed snow and ice regularly, and the blue bowl watering hole froze over. The expanding ice cracked the bowl and broke it into three large pieces. 

However, the blue bowl is one of those items worth repairing and keeping. 

The birds, bees, and butterflies do not even notice the repairs as they sip. 

Since the large old oak tree was removed the deck gets several hours of morning sunlight that the potted flowers need. 

Throughout France, balcony gardens and window boxes overflow with lobelia cascading over the sides of their containers. 

An old G. Wolff pot is the perfect size for 6-inch plants, and the patina adds a beautiful layer of old-world French charm. 

The large French-style urn is a temporary home for the pink and yellow lantana. 

Soon, depending upon all those pesky factors that dictate progress, and if Mother Nature continues not to be angry, the lantana will be transplanted to a spot on the hillside under some native yaupon holly trees. 

Do you see any butterflies on the lantana? There were 4-5 butterflies flitting around the lantana plants at the home improvement store where I found this plant. 

Looking forward to mid-morning breaks on the deck and watching butterflies... 

More progress... three dwarf yaupon holly bushes bought and waiting to be planted. 

These three will go on the other side of the new low limestone wall (where the glass and sewing machine table was located before.) 

Dwarf yaupon holly plants are drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and should...

survive M E. 

M O R E  TO  DO ...

Besides planting the new yaupon holly bushes, the concrete bench on the hillside needs to be moved to the deck. 

Squint hard... the bench is in the background. 

L A S T  W E E K ...

The sewing machine table sat between the two hosta-filled planters. The yaupon hollies will go on the other side of the low stone wall, and the concrete bench will go between the two planters with hostas. 

Mother Nature, did you hear these plans? 

T O D A Y ... 

The first two bloom stalks on the hostas... 

The view from the living room... 

Thank you, Mother Nature.

Time for another mid-afternoon nap after this week's progress... 

Dragging that old beyond-repair bench was hard work... 

Summer always means fun times ahead... 
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Is there any doubt there will be laughing... 
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