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Even More White In The Kitchen

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Real-life kitchens, at least at my house, are rarely clutter free.  Dishes stack up around and in the sink, the trash can fills up, flowers droop and drop their petals, cracker boxes lie opened on the counter, sticky spots magically appear on the counter tops, and clean dishes sit haphazardly on the drainer.

Yet, clutter free with lots of white is still a goal.  Pinterest and blogs have so many beautiful examples of fresh-looking white kitchens that it is easy to find examples.  One of my all-time favorite white real kitchens belongs to Jennifer @ Town and Country.  Her country kitchen looks beautiful for every time of the year, but especially beautiful when decorated for Christmas.  

There are times when the kitchen is clean and clutter free.  That's when I can see what changes to consider.  Somehow the empty spaces make it easier to envision something different.  

Moving the blue wooden counter stools from the island let me see the space with a clear perspective. French-style stools with padded oval backs, padded linen seats, and white-washed wood legs and frames would look great.  

The antique English pine stool goes so well with the pine ceilings that the question is whether to replace it with a French-style stool.  A reason for replacing the pine stool is to unify the stools around the island.  Also, multiple stool styles could add to a cluttered look. 

Another way to de-clutter the kitchen was to eliminate some of the items on the pine shelf behind the sink.  White scalloped-edge dishes also help create an even more white kitchen. 

Another change to the kitchen shelf is the style of the plant container.  Previously, there was a blue ceramic pot, but the white metal urn is more narrow which gives the space an airer look.

More white.  Simple white hydrangeas on the breakfast table. 

And they can be moved anywhere. 

Whatever changes are made, there are no plans to change the blue wool rug. 

Can you believe that in less than three weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and 
then it will be time to begin decorating for Christmas? 

Mark your calendars for Christmas inspiration from all over Texas 
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Stacey at Poofing the Pillows
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I was thrilled when Stacey invited me to be part of this 
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am honored to be on the first day line-up on 
Monday, December 7, 2015. 

Several of the bloggers have shared their plans with all of us, 
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Watch for more details in the weeks to come. 
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  1. Good Afternoon Judith, Your kitchen is lovely and as much as I do like cleared surfaces, my kitchen is not like that. I have spices, herbs and dried pulses in kiln jars on my sides, I have my weighing scales and KitchenAid in a place of easy reach.... actually I could go on and on and you would be bored with the description of my kitchen.... but I fill it with things I love.
    Maybe, I should do as you have and clear everything from my surfaces and re-evaluate my kitchen, look at it with a fresh eye. Thank you for the hints and tips. I will be trying to put them into practice. Oh yes and before I leave you, I love your antique English pine stool..... it is lovely.
    Best Wishes to you.

  2. Your kitchen is lovely.

    We are still waiting for our kitchen to be finished. The painter is ready, but his repair guy hasn't filled in the holes from the electrical work. I can't wait for it to be all white.

  3. Hi Judith! Your kitchen is always one of my favorites. I love your beautiful ceiling and all the touches in there that I know are so personal. It's neat to me that your house has its own little story and I do think of that when I see your pictures. I prefer for my kitchen to be uncluttered most of the time. When we cook we spread things out everywhere so it's nice to have space. Isn't it fun how you can make a little change here and there to make it feel new and fresh to your eyes?

    Thank you so much for posting about our blog hop. You made me smile today. :)

  4. Judith, your kitchen is so crisp and peaceful. I don't think of myself as a clutter person, but there's always more on the countertops than I really want~ coffeemaker, food processor, toaster, et al. I envy your simplicity. I'm looking very much forward to a Botanic Bleu Christmas! You do Christmas so well.

  5. HI Judith,
    When can I move in? Wish I were joking, but I'm not! :)
    I want to mention real life with me here in my small counter kitchen space is what you see, I have this thing about leaving anything out, or not wiped down, or put away, I cannot go to bed at night with a dish un-washed and not put in the cabinets for morning rise, it's the only room in my home that I am a bit freaky over it being perfect. I know your going to tell me Dore you are a bit O.C.D about it, but for some reason I cannot fall asleep if I know it's not clean when I walk into it at any time of day :)

    Your pot rack I love, feels like a scaled down bed frame, yes I know it's not, but it just so fits your wonderful style.
    I am looking forward to the Christmas production from Texas, Go BIG or go home I am sure :)
    Will see you and all the beauty you inspire soon my dear.
    Looking forward to what November inspires from you...

    The bottles are now completed and in my etsy shop, now I am onto some new pieces.

    See you soon


  6. Hi Judith!
    So glad to hear that your kitchen is "normal" when you aren't doing a photo session! We forget sometimes that the lovely rooms we see belong to real people with real lives and are not always neat and tidy! I love the simplicity of white and how it unifies spaces. Your kitchen is one that I truly love!

    I once had to paint a room stark white to see what could be done with the room as it had lime green on the walls and the floor and dark wood trim. The entire house had been painted by the builder with bright colors and carpets were bright as well and different in several areas. It took several years and many gallons of paint, recarpeting and other changes to make the house feel like home!

    I loved the floor plan of that house, but it had been built as a spec home and the builder needed some lessons in decorating to attract buyers. We turned away the first time we looked at it only to come back and buy it when we liked the floor plan so much better than anything else we saw and we were pressed to move from one state to another and our home was already sold. The second time I left saying, so how much can paint cost, because it WILL be painted in more pleasing to us colors!


  7. Judith your kitchen is lovely, pristine and pretty. Is that I spy bead board on your walls? We are currently pickling bead board White for our center area renovation of our of our basement,
    I'm one of those who can't go to bed without a tidy kitchen. I'd love to walk around your kitchen and soak in it's beauty.

  8. Your kitchen looks sparse to me. We have such limited counter space, that we keep very few things out. We have white cabinets, but dark granite counter tops. I like the light, white look of your kitchen.
    Looking forward to the Texas Blog Hop.

  9. Lovely, especially as the sun streams in.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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