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Blue Bell Is Back

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do, nor is it very exciting. 


Today, however, was exciting at the grocery store.

In North Texas. 

Right there. 

At the end of the frozen food aisle.  

In the FEATURE display freezer.  


Blue  Bell® 
Ice  Cream  

How I've missed it. 

How exciting to see its return. 

Yes, Blue Bell® Ice Cream, the real thing.

I stood there for several minutes, smiling and staring at the display. 


Seeing an old friend after a long time. 

And, excitedly shifting from one foot to the other as you catch up. 


Homemade Vanilla 
Dutch Chocolate 
Butter Pecan 
The Great Divide - Homemade Vanilla / Dutch Chocolate 


Half Gallon 




Decisions, decisions, decisions... 

Which flavor to buy? 
What size to buy? 

Final Choice:  1/2 gallon, The Great Divide
A little vanilla, a little chocolate, for whatever mood you are in...

Homemade Vanilla with Warm Caramelized Pears 
Recipe found at Golden Fall Pears

Just in time for Thanksgiving.


Yes, it's great to have you back, Blue Bell®

No compensation of any kind from any source. 
Just excited beyond words and 
wanted to share the excitement with my friends. 

Of course, if Blue Bell® is reading this and wants to send 
some Homemade Vanilla to my house, 
I can always update my Disclosure Policy. 


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