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Looking for Holiday Food Ideas?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Holidays can be described by the food served for the special occasions. Think about it. 
You can name the holidays on which the following menus are served. 

Roasted turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, ...

Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, ... 

Ham, deviled eggs, carrot cake, ... 

Many families mutiny if the main holiday menu is changed, 
but usually will accept a few new additions to the main day meal 
or at parties leading up to the big day.  

In fact, many of us like a few new recipes at parties, and 
cooks are always open to holiday food ideas that complement their traditional fare.  
With the first of November just days away,  
I was thinking about some new holiday food ideas while 
having lunch at a new-to-me restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. 

True to the motto on its front door, 
Cheese, Wine, Learn & Dine, 
The Magnolia Cheese Co included 
learning today with my lunch with friends and 
gave me some ideas for holiday food. 

Magnolia Cheese Co
Isn't this the greatest restaurant blackboard you've seen! 
Talk about learning.  
And the incredible artwork... 

Magnolia Cheese Co
Cheese must be served at room temperature, 71°.  

The five of us began our lunch with a 'local cheese' board loaded with 
a variety of cheeses and yummy flavors to enhance the cheeses' flavors. 

This board was not our cheese board.  
No, we devoured ours before I even thought to take photos. 
A couple of ladies at another table graciously allowed me 
to photo their cheese board.

Fresh fruit, pomegranate seeds, spiced pecans, honey with pollen, 
date jam with candied orange peel, and balsamic vinegar all added to the cheeses. 
This is what set my mind to whirring with ideas for the holidays. 
Not your ordinary, cheese-only, cheese board. 

Definitely a possibility for party food. 
Hmmm... how about serving a cheese board as snacks for college students 
arriving home late afternoon, but before dinner is ready.  
How about as an addition to leftovers the day after the BIG meal. 
How about game night with the family during the holidays. 

The cheeses were wonderful, but the candied orange peel was to die for! 
Now, I've had candied orange peel before, but this was the best ever. 

The best part of my idea? 
Easy to serve and to clean up. 

The second best part of my idea?
Magnolia Cheese Co sells all of these delicious cheeses by the pound. 
And, the candied orange peel, as an advance order, can also be bought. 
Visions of sugarplums... 

My lunch was soup and a red wine poached pear 
with smoked Moody Blue cheese, watercress, truffled pepitas, and crispy leeks. 

Once again, swirling thoughts. 
There is also the possibility of this poached pear salad to serve 
with the main holiday meal or with soup for lunch during the holidays. 

Yes, my mind is whirring with holiday food ideas. 
Are you planning any new recipes for your holiday meals? 

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