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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Fall Accents at Round Top

Friday, October 3, 2014

You know it's fall at the Round Top Antiques Show in south central Texas by the date,
not by the temperatures.

Today Round Top, Texas was sunny and HOT; 90° was the high,
apropos for Round Top that has a population of ... 90!
That is, until the semi-annual Antique Show extravaganza
swells the population to over 100,000.
It's even been reported to have 200,000 visitors some years,
but Texas is known for its tall tales.

An antique wooden wheel barrow filled with multi-colored and multi-textured pumpkins sets the stage for the fall displays that enhanced all the antiques throughout the antique fair.  Of course, French antiques are what I was looking for.  

French Fall Accents 
 ... some ideas for decorating my own home... 

... white and pale green pumpkins are very chic (elegant)
in gris (gray) and white French urns...

... French pottery direct from a French brocante (flea market)
filled with yellow lantana flowers...

... a large vintage terracotta bowl worn from use... 

... earthy tones of Provence blend beautifully 
with all the yellow and orange fall couleurs (colors)...  

... yellow mums in French pots de cuivre (copper pots)...

... various sizes and shapes of French yellow ware could hold fall flowers... 

... pumpkins with French circular wooden architectural salvage... 

... a French gray urn filled with a pumpkin holding a bird's nest... 

... a grapevine wreath as the base of a pumpkin in a French urn 
with unusually shaped gourds in a wooden box... 

... a row of various French urns filled with purple fall flowers...

... a vintage original water couleur of Paris in the fall... 

Which of these is your favorite idea for fall decorating with a French accent? 
Did you learn a new French word? 

Please join me at these inspiring sites...




  1. Bonjour, Judith!

    The textures, colors and mood of a French autumn just call me to cozy up with a good French novel and dream, in French. FABULOUS PHOTOS! I have my iron urns filled with little white pumpkins and I hope to Frenchify the rest of the house this weekend. Bonne journée! Anita

  2. The pale green pumpkins are gorgeous. As are the urns. Lucky you, Judith, to be able to go to Round Top! Enjoy!

  3. What a treat to see your photos from Round Top. I had to skip the pleasure this time around, so seeing this Frenchy fall goodness through your lens is extra special for me. Loving the row of urns filled with fall blooms and the pumpkins elevated atop urns. I need to get some fall features going on around here. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Simply gorgeous, I love urns! And through in a pumpkin is even better for the season ;-) beautiful images....


  5. Your pictures are so good! I would love to visit Round Top. I'm so glad you were able to do both the blog conference and some shopping. What a great adventure. Looking forward to hearing about Elevate.

  6. The urns! Wait, no, the pottery! Oh, no, it's the copper! Okay, it is ALL of it. Beautiful, thanks for sharing! And, yes, I did not remember gris was grey. High School French was a very LONG time ago. Seriously, Judith, it is all so beautiful. thank you for taking us along via your photos!

  7. That's it. You did it for me! I will make plans to attend Round Top next year. I'll have to get a camper shell for the truck, of course, but I love what I see!

  8. I could have done some serious damage to my credi card with all those pots and chipped urns. Beautiful.

  9. I love those pale green pumpkins. I've never seen any here, but they would look great in my kitchen.

  10. Great stuff at round top! Definitely am wishing I lived closer, love those rusty urns!

  11. Thanks for sharing. I live in Paris right now, but my home base is Houston. I am hoping to share my French finds at Round Top one day. I love seeing the French finds with Texas mixed in. Great job on the French lesson as well.

  12. I am wishing I lived closer so I could see this wondrous place. Your pictures are fabulous. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy


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