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SHOUT OUT to Blogger Help Forum

Friday, June 27, 2014


With a lot of help from friends 
and Google Blogger Help Forum, 
my blog problem is now resolved. 
...the problem where my blog was redirected to 
another address when I tried to access it using Chrome. 

May I say, "Whew," again, please? 

Keep reading to see what my problem was 
and what I learned from this. 

My last post, 
Six Features of a Southern Garden, 
had corrupted files probably caused by 
using MSWord in editing my post somehow. 
The corrupted code was causing my blog to redirect to a strange place. 
You know, I had problems with MSWord 
years ago conflicting with my school district's email system. 
MSWord...on my bad list again.

To resolve my problem, 
I ended up losing two blog posts, 
with the possibility of recreating them at a later date. 
But, the rest of Botanic Bleu appears to be intact.

May I say, "Whew," again, please?

rated as a Top Contributor on Google Blogger Help Forum, 
 is one savvy problem solver. 

She, I think nitecruzr is a she, looked into 
the HTML versions of my blog's recent posts 
and spotted the corrupted file in my last post. 
She sent me a public email on the Blogger Help Forum site 
that highlighted where she thought my problem was. 

She also spotted a problem in 
The Greenery Garden Center, Part 1.

Now, we often complain about Google Blogger issues, 
but today, I am grateful and want to give a 
shout out 
Blogger Help Forum. 
Thank you for the timely recommendations 
about how to resolve my blog's issues. 

shout out
blogger friends 
Art and Sand, Betty from My Irish Cottage, Susan, and 
Lavender Dreamer 
who responded to my plea for help. 

A special shout out to 
her kind, generous husband 
who both checked access to my blog on 
five major browsers and two brands of computers. 
Where else other than blogland can you find such kind hearts? 
Oh, yes, there are kind souls at church, too.   


What did I learn from this experience? 

1) Do not use MSWord documents to edit blogger posts. 

2) Use Chrome "New Incognito Window" to help troubleshoot Chrome Browser issues. 

3)  Go to the Blogger Help Forum.  You will get answers. 
And, it was fun reading some of the other comments...
comic relief that helped ease the tension.

4) Check the most recent blog post's HTML code version when 
a new problem arises. 
Watch for the word, "fragment." 
Bad word. Sort of like, "Bad dog!"

5) Check blog posts prior to the most recent post.
What might have rocked along without causing a problem
can also begin to be a problem when triggered by something else. 

I still hold my breath until I see my blog post "hold," 
and not disappear from the computer screen. 
Then, exhale with relief. 
Maybe one day soon, I will no longer hold my breath. 
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  1. Glad to hear all is well. I too have found serious problems with using MS Office products to create or add to blog posts. I've had to go into the HTML post editor and rip out tons of junk code that Office puts into the head of it's documents. It happens with Excel also.

    One other word of caution. For some of my websites I'll import a section of a Google Docs spreadsheet. This action will often reconfigure other areas of the web page because of the "style" code embedded with the spreadsheet. It's fairly easy to use the HTML editor to remove this unwanted intrusion. How often we see that different platforms (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe) don't play well with others!

  2. Definite WHEW!!! My husband became completely fed up with Microsoft & converted us over to Ubuntu. No more Microsoft anything.

    I usually use Blogger to compose my posts, but I have also used a simple text editor, which doesn't add all the gobbledygook style code that Mr. Lavender D. mentioned above. And kudos to the Blogger Help Forum for actually addressing and fixing the issue. Yay nitecruzr!!!

    So glad all is well again, Judith. I LOVE your blog!


    1. Lin,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and the simple text editor tip. You made my day, no week, by telling me you love my blog.


  3. You are Welcome and glad everything is working now.

  4. I appreciate the sweet thank you, Judith! I'm glad everything worked out and you can blog without least for now. And my hubby was happy to help. He's smart at computers and helps me (and a lot of other people) with their computer 'challenges'. He's a sweetie, too! Enjoy your weekend! Happy Blogging! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Good morning (or rather, BONJOUR!) Judith! How happy I am to find your comment this morning in regards to joining my link party. You are MORE THAN welcome to join my party and focus on FRANCE! This is my fourth year doing this, and the party was always focused on Paris, but last year, I extended it to all of France and this year, I extended it to all of Europe. But please, by all means, post on FRANCE! I will take your link to this blog and put you on my list.

    Keep an eye on my blog because I will be updating and reminding everyone about the date. MERCI MILLE FOIS! Anita

  6. So glad you got the problem fixed, Judith! By the time I knew you had a problem, it was fixed since I don't always get to read blogs every day! I, too, have had to turn to the forum for help and they came through! Now if someone could tell me how to make Blogger and my phone play nice, I could blog on the road! Unfortunately, my Droid won't let Blogger post photos or vice versa, only text.


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