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Master Bath Update

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Do you have a list of things to do? 
Of course you do. 
It may be on a written to-do list 
posted on the refrigerator, 
or jotted on a chalkboard, or 
in your mind's eye. 

Re-doing the master bath vanity 
was not really on any of my to-do lists. 
Until one morning I realized I should not have 
to continue to struggle to open the 
large vanity drawers every day. 

That morning, right then, 
redoing the vanity cabinets went on my 
to-do list in my mind's eye. 

Two large deep drawers on either side of the sink 
seemed like a great idea when we built the house. 
However, over the years, 
I began to realize that the two top drawers 
were really hard to open due to 
both the weight of the drawers and 
the inadequate drawer glides. 
Plus, the space in the drawers 
was not used very well. 

So the plan... 
Make two smaller drawers from 
each top large drawer on either side of the sink. 
Install new, better drawer glides on the new drawers. 
Keep each of the large bottom drawers and  
install ball-bearing glides on them. 

The wood used on the original drawer fronts is solid oak, 
and the drawers were made from pine and pine plywood. 
By reusing the existing materials, 
we kept costs down, and 
the new drawer fronts would match 
the bottom drawer fronts that were staying. 
Almost... match. 

The original drawer fronts have double ogee edges. 
After looking for a router bit to duplicate the original ogee cut, 
I had to compromise by using a single-cut cove router bit instead. 
By making the new ogee cut on the bottom of the drawer front, 
it blends in without being too noticeable that it doesn't match exactly. 

Have you noticed the original drawer fronts are natural color, 
and the bottom drawer now has white primer paint? 

Yes, one thing leads to another. 
After seeing all the photos in a recent post 
about the master bath layout
I decided I wanted to paint the cabinets. 
Which means both master bath vanities 
will need to be redone. 

This is just the beginning of the 
master bath update.

A handyman remade the drawers and 
installed the new drawer glides, 
but I am doing all the 
priming, painting, filling nail holes, etc... myself.  
Therefore, this project will take more than a few days.

Check back later in June for the finished project. 
At least, I hope it's all finished in June. 
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