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Friday, June 27, 2014

Is anyone else having a problem with your browser 
redirecting either your own blog or my blog 
to another web address? 

This may be my last blog post. 
I am trying to correct a technical problem, but am having no success. 
Can anyone help me resolve the following? 
Can you give me the names and contact information 
for blog consultants who help for a fee? 

Who knows about WordPress?
I may have to migrate there while I still have access to my blog.
Which paid consultants help migrate from Blogger to WordPress?

I cannot access my blog using Chrome or Safari browsers. 
I am using Firefox right now, but will not sign out of my blog
for fear I will not be able to access it ever again.
Then Botanic Bleu will be lost. 

Below is my last response to the person on
Blogger Help Forum 
who was giving me some advice.

1) 3rd Party Cookies were already enabled in Chrome Browser when I checked the setting just now.
2) Cleared/deleted all Cookies AND Cleared Browsing Data
3) Disabled the only Extension in the browser (Pin button)
4) Restarted Chrome browser…problem still exists
5) Tried New Incognito page….same problem occurred which suggests it is not the browser, but a Google Blogspot issue.  

6) Problem started June 26, 2014 when I went to my blog using Chrome, signed into my Dashboard, looked at Stats, checked on a post still in Draft mode, signed out, remembered I needed to check something else. Then when I went back to my blog using Chrome, the problem began.  My computer screen shows my blog home page while it is loading Google Blogspot info, then when it is finished loading, the screen is redirected to a blank screen with the new address "About:blank"

7) Then I used Safari browser to access my blog.  Safari brought up my blog, I signed in, went to my Dashboard, checked my blog for something, logged out.  The next time I tried to access my blog using Safari, similar problem occurred as with Chrome.  The blog homepage was visible while the browser loaded the info, then the screen was redirected to a blank page with a message about not being able to connect to Squareup because that address did not exist on the internet.  The address line in Safari Browser had something with Squareup in it.

8) Closed Safari. 

9) Opened Firefox browser.  Went to my blog which opened, I signed in and began trying to double check every setting in Layout, Template, etc… Did not see anything that appeared wrong.  I have NOT signed out of my blog using the Foxfire browser.  That is the only access I have to my blog while I try to figure out how to correct this redirecting issue.  

10) Since similar results occurred with more than one browser, that suggests to me again that the problem is inside the Google Blogspot settings, not the Browsers.  

11) My sister tried to access my blog using her computer using a Safari Browser. 
Her computer acted just like mine...redirected my blog to a bizarre web address. 
Third reason this problem appears to be with Google Blogspot, not the Browser.

What do you think?  Any ideas?

Please leave me a comment even if you do not have any suggestions, 
so I know someone 
is getting my blog.


  1. I wish that I could help you out, but I know absolutely nothing about this. Earlier this week, I was only able to read one blog at a time, on Blogger. I've never had that happen before :( I've always loved using Blogger for accessing my reading list. I hope that the problems do not continue!

  2. Oh, I do hope your blog isn't lost forever.

    Brenda of Cozy Little House had problems with blogger, moved to Word Press and ended up going back to blogger. She had a lot of issues and might be able to help you.

    Have you saved your blog to your desktop? A couple of people have done posts on saving to the desktop and also publishing your blog in books. Before everything is lost in cyberspace, I hope you can do some saving.

    Good luck!

  3. I wish I could help you, but I am with bloggert. Has this just happen today, if so it could be a problem with wordpress. I was trying to read a blog a few months ago and it kept sending me somewhere else until the next day and it was fixed.

  4. I was able to get on without a problem. I'll ask my hubby if he has any answers. I don't know enough to help you but I sure hope you can figure it out and keep blogging without problems! Hugs, Diane

  5. Everything is working fine with the 5 major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9, Opera) on a Windows 7 machine. Also worked fine using Safari with iOS 7 on an iPad. Some viruses and malware can redirect your browser. Be sure your security software is up-to-date and scan your computer, just in case. Otherwise it might be that you've experienced one of those infamous Blogger glitches.

    1. Thank you so much for your detailed checking to see if my blog is accessible. Fortunately, I think I have the problem solved...maybe just before you posted the comment. One of the experts on the Blogger Help Group page tracked down the problem. My last post was corrupted, probably by using MS Word in editing somehow. Once I deleted that post with its corrupted HTML coding and restarted everything after shutting down, the problem no longer exists.



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