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Santa Is Coming Soon...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Most American children eagerly await Santa Claus each year.  As part of our American culture, we view him as a jolly old Saint Nick. As soon as the last dish is washed from the Thanksgiving meal, we know that Santa is coming soon. 

Children of all ages love to see Santa and to have him in our homes. But children are not the only ones watching for Santa. Visions of Santa are printed on Christmas wrappings and bags, on paper plates and napkins, on greeting cards, and 

on dishes. 

Seeing Santa on dessert/salad plates brings smiles to the whole family. We all want a special present from his sack. And, as we grow up, we delight in giving special gifts to the special people in our lives. 

Keeping the spirit of Santa in our lives as adults helps us keep the spirit of generosity. 

 His red coat and cap vary, but his white hair, mustache, and beard are fairly consistent in renditions of an American Santa. 

While most stories about Santa include flying through the air in a sleigh with his team of reindeer, seeing him as a weathervane is unusual, but in keeping with his whimsical nature. 

But, I never knew that Santa could blow a horn! 

But, then again, Santa is magical and can do amazing feats... 

Sliding down chimneys... 

Delivering presents to homes with no chimneys... 

Presents under the tree for good little boys and girls, and for grown-up boys and girls. 

Four versions of Santa are on the dessert/salad plates. 

All full of fun, as in merry

Wax candles in the shape of Santa are just the thing for a centerpiece that fits well with the dessert/salad plates. 

A little red wax tree-shaped candle studded with gold dots is the perfect companion for wax candle Santas. 

A white narcissus promises blooms soon. 

and, just four days later, the promised white blossoms appear to grace the Santa table. 

Quicker than the down of a thistle. 

Tree-shaped napkin rings adorn the Santa printed fabric napkins. 

This Santa holds an armload of holly. 

Red glasses stand atop Santa stone coasters. Woodsy windblown Santa place cards have sacks overflowing with fantastic gifts and with star-trimmed poles. 

Santa stockings hanging from the dining chairs remind us that 

Santa is coming soon...  

In just about a week, Santa will be here once again. 

Filling our lives with cheer, filling our hearts with memories of all the Christmases past, and filling our spirits with goodwill toward all... 

For we believe, 

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." 

Let us remember to teach our children our traditions and to remind one another of our values so that they will not be lost.  


White Plates --- Pier I 
Beaded Tree Napkin Rings --- Pier I 
Santa Fabric Napkins --- Mary Lake Thompson 
Santa Dessert/Salad Plates --- Target, many years ago 
Santa Coasters --- unknown, many years ago 
Red Fostoria Glasses --- many years ago