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Hydrangeas Filled Copper Pot

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My mother grows hydrangeas by the bushels, 
from branches she bent over and buried in dirt,
then transplanted. 
Blue ones, pink ones, magenta ones, white ones, green ones, 
all down the north side of the attached garage, 
around the corner and along the east side of the house, 
and all across the back of the detached garage. 


Antique copper pot filled with huge blue hydrangeas

My favorite... you guessed it... blue...
This may be my favorite flower...seriously.

I did not get the hydrangea-growing gene. 
I've killed too many plants to count.

Multiple shades of blue and green hydrangeas

These beautiful huge blooms are from my mom's house.  
My sister brought them home with us this week from Mother's garden. 

Antique copper pot with lid is perfect for hydrangeas in summer and firewood in winter

They are nestled in my latest find, a lidded copper tub, 
found at a very rustic antique store 
owned and operated by a high-school friend, Chipper. 
Whenever I visit Mother, I try to make at least one trip to 
Chipper's store to see his latest inventory. 

Antique store is filled with items found in garage sales and estate sales
Chipper in blue shirt with my sister in striped shirt

Last Saturday when we pulled into the store's drive, 
Chipper was sitting on the front porch polishing the copper tub. 
We were headed back to Mother's 
after a family reunion picnic at the lake. 

My sister was driving, 
and we both spotted the tub before the car came to a stop. 
 Two or three sentences later with offers and counteroffers, 
the copper tub was mine! 
Cobwebs and dead leaves all....inside.
 Chipper had only gotten the outside cleaned. 
We arrived in the nick of time before anyone else saw this beauty. 

Antique copper pot with lid is not in perfect condition, but still perfect for firewood

The tub is not in perfect shape. 
There is a hole on the lid's right side above, 
the lid's handle looks like it has been mended, and 
the bottom probably is not water tight. 

But, look at the size...perfect for holding firewood this winter. 

Blue hydrangeas fill an antique copper pot

I love the wooden handles on either end of the tub, 
and the hydrangeas are beautiful in it. 

Blue and green hydrangeas fill an antique copper pot

Chipper bought the tub at an estate sale. 

Antique copper pot is filled to overflowing with blue and green hydrangeas

I wonder if the original owner displayed hydrangeas in it or 
stored firewood in it near the fireplace. 

Wood handles on antique copper pot contrast with beautiful blue hydrangeas

The hydrangeas survived the plane ride very nicely. 

The copper pot stayed at Mother's until our next trip by car. 

Blue hydrangeas fade to green as the blossoms age

You know, I think it's time I tried again to grow hydrangeas. 
Maybe, just maybe, 
I did inherit the hydrangea-growing gene, and 
it is just latent. 



  1. That copper tub is perfectly worn. You have given it a lovely retirement by filling it with such beauty.

    I would love to hear how you carried the hydrangeas on the plane. They look as fresh as ever in your photographs.

    I think their survival is the perfect sign for you to start growing your own.
    Happy Sunday, Judith!

  2. The blue and copper are so beautiful together! And, that old copper tub is so charming. Good find!! Lynda

  3. The hydrangeas look wonderful in the copper tub. I have some white ones, but love the blue!

  4. Would love to grow hydrangeas, but have not had much luck. Might try again as I see neighbors have them blooming again this year. I've been watching to see how their's fair after a year in the garden. Perhaps there are better varieties now more suited to our summers. They do take a lot of water! Great find on the copper wash tub. We have two, but no lids. They are great for many down drinks for a party, hold papers, magazines, etc. You'll find this one to be a favorite piece. Can't believe you managed to bring back the blooms on the plane.

  5. Judith, your copper boiler(?)is a wonderful find. The hydrangeas enhance it but then the copper enhances the blooms. I love the look. I'm sure your mom was very pleased to have you there. You have described the vast amount of running feet she has devoted to hydrangeas. Such an enchanted landscape, I'm sure. I would love to encircle my property with hydrangeas and peonies. I'm sure I would love your mom. She must be a first-rate gardener.

  6. The hydrangea and copper are a beautiful combination. Copper is my favorite metal, wish it was just more affordable! I just found your blog today and I'm a new follower! Please visit me if you have a moment :)
    Have a great day!

  7. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. They are easy to grow and it's always a surprise at what colors you'll get. The blues are the prettiest! Love your big tub! Perfect for these huge blooms! Hugs!

  8. Beautiful flowers, beautiful copper find ~ Wow to your photography ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

  9. I love hydrangeas--especially blue ones!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  10. Love the hydrangeas in the copper boiler. I am fortunate enough to have two of these. Neither has a lid, however. they are different sizes. The smaller one my mil gave me and it originally had a zinc lid even though the boiler is copper. Unfortunately, I was cleaning the boiler on the driveway and the lid somehow was run over and ruined. The larger one, I really don't remember whether I bought it or it was given to me by my parents. It never had a lid and has held many things, but never hydrangeas. The smaller holds an antique quilt top draped over it and sits on the cabinets above the washer and dryer with a bunch of antique blue Ball canning jars. Love them all!.

  11. I really love copper and your hydrangeas look beautiful in your tub. Thanks for commenting on my lavender!

  12. I am also jealous of the hydrangea growers, thanks so much for following

    Katie @ The Shabby Cottage

  13. I don't think I have the hydrangea gene, either that or it's just too hot here, or my yard guys who sometimes accidently weed eat them...boooo. anyway, the copper pot is fantastic with those amazing blooms!!

  14. Absolutely love your copper boiler...I have one and treasure it as well. You are so fortunate to be able to fill yours with gorgeous blue hydrangeas...I am jealous...we have a difficult time growing hydrangeas where I live but One lonely hydrangea has managed to survive over years of trying. TFS. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  15. Oh my, LOVE hydrange and in your beautiful copper pot...a perfect match!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...


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