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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Hydrangeas and Bunnies

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The hydrangeas from Mother's house are still beautiful. 

blue hydrangeas full of color and life sit in blue metal pots to dry

Still full of color and full of life. 

Blue hydrangeas are perfect color for a blue Fostoria vase

Some brighten the kitchen counter in a blue Fostoria vase, 
an antique store find a few years ago. 

blue hydrangeas turn to green as the blooms fade and begin to dry

Some are drying naturally 
in three blue painted faux French flower buckets. 

Blue hydrangeas in pale blue metal pots hang beneath hand painted bunnies in stairwell

The hydrangeas and buckets are the perfect colors to go 
with the bunnies hand-paintd on fence boards. 
The bunnies came from one of my all-time favorite stores in Salado, TX, which is no longer in business. 

You know, over the years I have had a lot, whole lot, 
of all-time favorite places. 
Many are no longer in business. 
Outliving favorite stores and restaurants is 
one of drawbacks of getting older. 
But, oh, what great memories! 

Blue and green hydrangeas in pale blue metal pots retain color as they air dry

The store's proprietress was an artist 
with a distinctive interior design flair. 

She created unusual silk flower arrangements, 
custom painted furniture years before 
Miss Mustard Seed and Annie Sloan, and 
was a pioneer in the shabby chic style. 

blue hydrangeas dry to various shades of green

These hydrangea-filled faux French flower buckets 
remind me of her style. 

Drying hydrangeas hang beneath hand painted bunnies on wood planks in stairwell

The hand-painted bunnies hung on the front porch of the store 
for years, way out of my price range. 
Leading up to its closure, the store marked items down repeatedly. 
One day, the price was right, 
and I was there at the right time to buy the bunnies. 

The name of the store? 
Sir Wigglesworth

Hand painted bunnies on wood planks hang in stairwell

Every time I look at the bunnies in the stairwell, 
I recall yearly trips with friends to Salado at Christmas time 
for the Salado Christmas Home Tour
and for finding unique treasures at Sir Wigglesworth's. 

Blue hydrangeas are still beautiful as they change to a soft green color