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Blue Delphiniums

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blue flowers of any kind 
are welcome in my home and garden. 

Just when I think I have definitely chosen a favorite flower,
blue of course, 
I see another variety and change my mind. 
Lobelia, hydrangea, muscari, agapanthus, and let's not forget 
the Texas state flower, bluebonnet, all are my favorite, 
for a while...
until I see another favorite! 
Oh, yes, there is blue sage. 
I just remembered scabiosa.   
See what I mean? 

Immediately inside the entrance of the new Trader Joe's in Fort Worth 
are the fresh-cut flowers for sale. 
Trader Joe's knows marketing.

Not only did the store have pink peonies the day
I was shopping, it also had 

How exquisite! 
Each individual flower shimmers in the sun. 
The unopened buds are spurs, much like columbines. 
Oh I love blue columbines. 
Maybe that is really my favorite flower.

I have not had delphiniums in years.  
The local grocery stores do not stock delphiniums, 
nor do the local florists I sometimes frequent for special occasions. 

Alas, delphinium is not one of those flowers that 
my mom grows in Alabama, 
nor does anyone I know in north Texas grow them. 

Bleu, blue, periwinkle...  

A sea of blue in my house...
on the walls, on the kitchen countertops, on upholstered chairs, 
on sheets, on toile bed pillows, on dishes, on rugs, 
on curtains, on dish towels, on flower pots...
even my Olympus camera is blue

The blue delphiniums were the first thing in my basket at Trader Joe's. 
The pink peonies were a fast second. 

My house needed them. 

My eyes needed them, 
and the price was too good to believe. 

Sitting on the breakfast table in the sunspace,
they are beautiful from every angle. 

A very old photo (pre-digital cameras) 
from a surprise birthday party many years ago...
Look closely; the floral centerpiece has dark blue delphiniums.
Can it be that long ago since I had delphiniums?

The twirling unfurling of fronds, 
The blue blooms with full open faces, 
The vining buds of new green growth, 
 Describe delphinium's graces. 
With the new Trader Joe's close by, 
it is not going to be as long as before for 
blue delphiniums 
to grace my table again. 

They just may be my favorite blue flower after all. 

Well, for a while anyway.
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