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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Pink Lemonade in the Shade

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What to do on a perfect May day?
A perfect Mother's Day May day?

pink lemonade 
in the shade 
of a pear tree.

A French-inspired day in the garden...

Gather a quilted floral throw and a couple of pillows. 
Head out to the park bench in the backyard.
Walk through the high rye grass left unmown
that creates your own private meadow.

Head out to the shade of the pear tree 
in a light breeze that barely grazes you,
not even enough to lift wisps of your hair.
A perfect May day...

Take the sparkling Pink Citrus Lemonade from the fridge.
Just the label alone is enough to begin your 
mind on its flight of fancy on this perfect day...
PRESTIGE limited edition...

A golden bubbly Tour Eiffel promises 
a refreshing tart taste of a 
premium French soda,
all natural flavor.

Someone has already had a glass...
Ahhh... The bottle is still more than half full...
and another unopened bottle lies ready
for those who are extra thirsty today.

The bottle has a ceramic stopper to 
keep the lemonade bubbly after opening.
The other shoppers in World Market were 
looking at wines, aperitifs, saki,...
for the flavor inside.

Do you look at the bottles..... 
for their labels and for their designs?
Is authentic all natural French soda a plus for you,
but is authentic French bottle design 
what grabs your attention!

Just the thing from which to serve bubbly pink lemonade
under the shade of the pear tree.
When the lemonade is gone, 
homemade lemonade can take its place.

For such a special lemonade, a special glass is required. 
A long-stemmed pink wine glass is the perfect glass
for this perfect day.

A sprig of garden-fresh mint gathered this morning...
just the garnishment for a final touch
in a glass of lemonade...

Take the Jess Lord pottery to hold a 
scone, or chicken salad on croissant, or strawberry tarte...
Hand thrown and painted with a western motif paired 
with unexpected pastel colors...
No two exactly alike...

Each piece hand signed on the back...

Place a single setting on a white wicker tray...

Add your favorite adventuresome cat, Indiana...

And your favorite cuddly cat, Callie...

 For a French-inspired perfect day in May 
with pink lemonade under the shade of the pear tree...

Time to reflect that this day in May is 
a great moment in life...

For each of us, the great moments are different, 
but, for all of us, we can celebrate a 
perfect day in May with the 
things that make our hearts sing...

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray,
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair...
from Trees by Joyce Kilmer
I did not receive anything from anyone for this post.
The French Lorina pink lemonade is from World Market 
and is in a limited edition bottle.
A perfect way to celebrate life 
the way the French do...
Simple things with pizazz...
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  1. Very pretty. Happy Mothers Day

  2. Bonjour Callie Kitty, and BONJOUR Botanic Bleu! How lovely is YOUR BLOG and parfait for the France party! I am putting your name on my list of active participants who will present a France-inspired post (such as this lovely one here!) and your link will appear on the list with your name as well on FRIDAY, MAY 17th! I am also adding your name to the list for the draw of Vicki's book.

    Many thanks for coming over to my post and I am really looking forward to this party. The last two years were a success in discovering new friends and just reveling in the beauty of Paris and this year, ALL of France is included.

    Wishing you a splendid day DANS LE JARDIN and your post here is really fabulous!


    1. I am looking forward to the FRANCE party...can hardly wait to see all the beautiful French posts.
      Thank you for including me and for becoming a follower.


  3. I often serve sparkling pink lemonade for showers. I fill up the silver punch bowl witj ice and place the bottles for guests to fill their glasses. Beautiful Mother's Day Tablescape. Happy Mother's Day! Cherry Kay

    1. I bet your showers are just beautiful!


  4. So pretty! I love your vignette and the photos are lovely! You have a beautiful blog! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Okay, that is it! I am stopping at World Market on the way home from work tomorrow to see if there is any of that limited edition sparkling Lorina lemonade left! I wonder if it will be as beautiful under a mesquite tree! A lovely post, again, Judith! Hope you had a truly amazing Mother's Day!

    1. Hope you found some sparkling lemonade...I'm sure it will be beautiful under a mesquite tree.


  6. Hi Judith! I just woke up and got your comment.

    As far as the "button", I guess it's not really a button, but all you have to do is drag the image onto your desktop. Then when you add it as an image on your draft, use your link function to add to the image. To get my link, just come to my blog and copy and paste my html. Is your email somewhere here so I can reach you if you have any more questions?

    I will add your name to the list and I am really excited about the party. What makes is fun is visiting all the others and getting many people to come visit you. So the list will be on my blog with ALL the links so you can just come back to my blog to grab the links.

    Just let me know if it's clear for you to get the button....just drag the image onto desktop, insert it as an image wherever you want on your blog and grab my html when you enter into my blog (you know where it's found, on the upper bar of the blog.)


    1. Anita, thank you so much for your help. I was able to add the "button" to both my sidebar and as an image into the content of the post I am contributing.

      My email address is in My Profile found in the About. I looked for a way to send you an email, but couldn't find yours either.

      Questions answered, so thank you.


  7. It looks divine! Such a sweet place to enjoy things you love.

  8. I love it, simple things with pizazz! Beautiful serene photos, I loved all your thoughts and words also, lovely.

    1. Thanks, Jenna. Yes, I like simple things with pizazz!


  9. it's such a lovely corner, I wish I was there too=)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  10. Beautiful! I'm your newest follwer on GFC and Bloglovin' :) You had me at 'country and christmas' :D Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  11. Would love to have come over to Fishtail Cottage and share your post at this weeks Garden Party! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! xoxo, tracie

  12. So beautiful and serene! If only we took more time to enjoy a quiet time in a beautiful setting...ahhhh!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday! Hope you'll hop over to join in this weeks party...

  13. I've not seen a lemonade bottle before like you're showing; it sure makes for an elegant respite in the shade with your furry friends.


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