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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Lavender on the Table Adds Joy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clean, clutter-free tables 
and countertops make me happy.
Yet, totally bare surfaces seem empty, 
lacking life, as though no lives 
in the house. 
Thus, I strive to balance a life-filled  
house without life-clutter.

creates joie de livre 
even before it blooms. 

The scent alone enlivens a room, 
even if there are no flowers.

A single large white oval stoneware bowl 
holding two small nursery lavender plants 
give joy and life to the kitchen. 
Each time one passes and gently touches a leafy stalk, 
a wondrous scent fills the air.

The metal lavender label adds a focal point,
causing one to stop to read what is says. 

A white wicker tray under the bowl 
keeps the bowl from scratching or 
water-damaging the table.

But, white on white...? 
The kitchen towel covering the tray
is the perfect shade of French bleu and white.
Plus, it is from France. 
Seeing it each day makes me smile; 
it is another reminder 
of the lavender fields of France.
Yes, the centerpiece is providing life to the kitchen.

The dark blue tablecloth made clashing blues...
and too much layering...
Easy...remove the dark blue tablecloth 
simplifying the clutter. 

Add just one other element to connect 
white, wood, and herbs together... 
A box of white wooden herb stakes...

A few herb markers scattered on the tray...

A few scattered in the box with lavender on top...

For me, this table centerpiece balances 
creating a life-filled kitchen 
without life-clutter. 

The centerpiece brings memories of a good time in France, 
has a beautiful blue (my favorite color), 
has a crisp white stoneware bowl 
(my new favorite thing), 
and has a fragrant up-lifting scent. 

These days in my life I see symbolism everywhere.
A clutter-free environment, but one still 
filled with beauty is what I want my life to be. 
I do not want a bare life.
The white stoneware bowl and 
the box of wooden herb markers 
are from my shop.
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