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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Lavender Indoors for Spring

Friday, April 22, 2022

What better way to add Spring color inside than with a pot of French lavender? The navy blue bulletin board with blue and white rabbits for Spring and Easter inspiration is still on display at the end of the fireplace. As much as I love the bulletin board arrangement as it was, I love it even more with the addition of a pot of lavender bursting with blooms. 

Inside lavender provides both color and fragrance to the same space many years
French lavender on the pine chest at the end of the fireplace is not unusual at my house. Over the years potted lavender inside has added both color and fragrance to the same space since lavender is one of my favorite plants. 

 ~~~ French Lavender ~~~

Indoors for Spring

The indoors French lavender hides the words on the navy bulletin board
While the lavender plant hides the terms for rabbit on the seasonal bulletin board, the addition of the beautiful plant more than makes up for the loss of words. Professional designers, magazine editors, and home-tour stylists all know and use the power of live plants when staging homes for special events or photography sessions. 

Just compare the BEFORE photo of the bulletin board without the lavender to the AFTER photo above with the lavender plant. 

Before Without The Lavender Plant 

A navy bulletin board is striking with white rabbits and labels without a fresh lavender plant.
Striking ... but once you see the same setting with the lavender, the bulletin board without the lavender looks stark.  

A highly glazed light blue finish gives the French lavender a more formal style than usual for my French Country home.
Part of the beauty of the potted plant is the pale blue ceramic flower pot. The irregular hexagonal shape is an unexpected twist, and the highly glazed finish gives the plant a more formal look than usual in my French Country inspired home. 

A long white bunny holds wooden eggs near the potted French lavender.
Once the lavender took center stage in the existing bulletin board arrangement, the white ceramic bunny's head was hidden behind the planter. By reversing the direction the long bunny faces, the bunny's head is visible once more. 

A long white ceramic bunny holds wooden eggs.
Placing the bunny head just beyond the edge of the bulletin board's frame helps hide the unsightly wall plug from a distance. 

A live French lavender plant will do better outside since higher humidity levels and sunshine nourish plants.
Scores of blooming flower heads and unopened budding stems insure beautiful flowers for many weeks. Live bedding plants do better outside than inside. Higher humidity levels and more natural sunshine outside nourish plants and help keep them healthy without fungus and/or insects. 

Since French lavender is a perennial, it will return next year with more blooms.
Therefore, I keep most live potted flowers inside for a week at most, then transplant them outside to pots on open decks, the covered porch, or into the ground. Since lavender is a perennial, not only will the plant bloom outside longer this spring, it will also return with more blooms in years to come. 

French lavender indoors is a beautiful way to decorate for spring.

Provided the plant survives 
the blistering Texas summer.  

For now, we are enjoying the beautiful French lavender indoors.