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French Country Spring Kitchen | Blue Hyacinths

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Early spring blue grape hyacinth bulbs were an easy way to bring Spring into my French Country kitchen while skies were still gray over the bare trees in the surrounding woods. 

Blue hyacinths brought spring to my French Country Kitchen
Blue muscari bulbs, commonly known as grape hyacinths, are the perfect blue color to go with the blue walls, upholstery, and accent pieces used all over my house, not just the kitchen. The plants easily fit into a variety of flower pots and baskets, collected over a lifetime, for displaying inside before being transplanted into the ground outside after the blooms were past their prime. 

French Country Kitchen large windows and skylights create a sunspace for early spring blue grape hyacinth bulbs to thrive
Large windows and ceiling skylights create a sunspace in my French Country kitchen. Even on the darkest gray days there is enough natural light to nurture flowering plants on the breakfast table and the nearby white bookcase shelves. 

A classic blue and white color scheme is easy with white flower pots and blue grape hyacinth bulbs
An assortment of white ceramic flower pots held the blue bulbs on the top shelf of the white bookcase shelves and created a classic blue and white arrangement. 

Blue grape hyacinth bulbs grown in white pots last for several days before being planted outside
The flowers lasted for several days and continued to grow inside. Their vibrant color was cheerful against the bleak view outside the kitchen windows. 

Small 4-inch bedding pots fit inside a long, narrow basket on an antique French Country breakfast table
The small 4-inch bedding pots fit inside a long, narrow basket that does not take up much space on the antique French Country breakfast table. 

My French Country Spring Kitchen has touches of blue in flowers and in a flower pot
A small clay le lapin (rabbit) head peeking out of a blue ceramic pot along with the basket are little touches of Easter decor.  

A simple arrangement of a basket filled with blue grape hyacinths creates French Country style in a Spring kitchen
Simple arrangements are a hallmark of French Country farmhouse style and are one of the reasons I am drawn to French Country decor. 

A water color photo of Château Chenonceau on a small calendar is perfect for a French Country Spring Kitchen table arrangement
One more item with a French connection was added to the simple table arrangement of blue grape hyacinths, the narrow basket, and le lapin. A small square paper calendar has a Waterlogue photo of Château Chenonceau. I took the photo on a trip to France long before travel was restricted due to the world-wide health epidemic. 

A basket of grape hyacinths paired with a rabbit's head peeking out of a blue flower pot creates a beautiful French Country Spring kitchen arrangement
A basket of simple real flowers, le lapin, and the French-inspired calendar brought Spring to my French Country kitchen table. 

Blue grape hyacinths on a white bookcase bring Spring inside a French Country kitchen
Spring officially arrived on the calendar on March 20 here in North Texas, but Spring-like weather and temperatures were late arriving this year. While the cold dreary weather continued outside, the blue grape hyacinths brought Spring inside. 

One of the beauties of potted bulbs in a French Country Spring kitchen is getting to enjoy them inside and then again outside in future years
Spring weather finally arrived and the grape hyacinths are now planted in the ground outside where they will grow and bloom again next Spring. Grape hyacinths do well here, and there should be plenty of beautiful blue blooms to cut to bring inside next year to once again bring Spring to my French Country kitchen. 

One of the beauties of potted bulbs is getting to enjoy them inside and then again outside in future years. 


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