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Birthday Flowers In Abundance

Friday, April 1, 2022

When your sister is a professional florist, there are always beautiful flowers for every birthday in abundance! And the flowers are in your favorite colors, of course. 

Birthday flowers in abundance are always available in the spring
Spring birthdays mean beautiful flowers are always available for birthday party celebrations. The choices include more than the usual fresh-cut bouquets. Bulbs, flowering vines, and greenery topiaries are abundant in a variety of colors and styles. 

B i r t h d a y   f l o w e r s  

in   A b u n d a n c e 

A professional florist sister also means birthday flowers are used abundantly throughout the house as part of making birthdays special celebrations, regardless of how many people are celebrating with the birthday girl. 

Living Room Coffee Table 

The-more-the-merrier floral arrangements!

Birthday flowers in abundance include spring bulbs, flowering vines, and topiary trees
Flowers on the coffee table for this year's birthday included blue muscari bulbs, cut pink jasmine vine, bright green cedar topiary tree, and fresh-cut mixed flowers of blue hyacinths, pink rununculus, mauve calla lilies, and rosy-red roses. 

Spring blue muscari bulbs offer an abundant number of birthday flowers
Peeking out from behind flowers in bloom is a packet of seeds to plant for more flowers this summer. 

Birthday flowers in the spring offer a variety of textures and scents for stunning arrangements
A variety of textures and scents made the cut flowers stunning. As soon as anyone entered the front door, they were greeted with spring-fresh fragrances. 

Living Room Side Table 

An ivy wreath topiary in a white ruffled flower pot on a living room side table adds to the birthday party.
A white ruffled edge ceramic flower pot held my favorite variety of ivies trained into a wreath shape. 

Dining Table 

Birthday flowers made a beautiful centerpiece on the dining table
The birthday party was a simple lunch of homemade quiche, fresh green salad, strawberries, and avocado, followed by chocolate birthday cake. Two life-long friends joined us to mark the birthday.  

Birthday flowers in abundance made a stunning dining table centerpeice
Blue delphiniums, rosy roses, and Casablanca lillies filled the stately lavender ceramic vase as the dining table's centerpiece. 

Birthday flowers in abundance create a beautiful birthday table setting
The vase held the flowers high above our heads, allowing normal table conversations without interference. 

A boxwood wreath at the base of the floral centerpiece adds to the table decor
A boxwood wreath at the base of the centerpiece and a full bouquet of fresh tulips complemented the main centerpiece. 

Beautiful flowers in abundance and dear friends made this birthday extra special, all thanks to my sister!