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Christmas Horizontal Snowy Wreath

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

This Christmas a horizontal snowy wreath added a new twist to decorating for the holiday season. Instead of an evergreen wreath hanging from the front door or windows, I hung a white twig wreath horizontally above my breakfast table. 

For a twist on Christmas wreaths, hang a horizontal wreath above a dining table.
The white twig wreath reminded me of snowy winter branches. Artificial snowy blue spruce stems on top of the twig wreath add to the snow theme of the wreath. I found several glass snowy Christmas ornaments this year which are also beautiful for a snowy-themed wreath. 


S N O W Y   ❄︎  H O R I Z O N T A L 

C H R I S T M A S   W R E A T H  

Use a special wreath hanger to hang a horizontal wreath from the ceiling.
Another wonderful find is the wrought iron wreath hanger designed for horizontal wreaths. Three arms with curved hooks make hanging a horizontal wreath super easy. Just slip a wreath up to 36" in diameter onto the three arms with hooks and hang the wreath using a top hook. 

VoilĂ  ... a level horizontal wreath! 

This is much easier than how I hung horizontal wreaths before. Previously, I adjusted, readjusted, and readjusted some more, three wires tied to a wreath from a ceiling hook. Eventually the wreath hung level, but only after much adjustment as I tied the three wires together only to find the wreath listing to one side. 

After hanging the white twig wreath over my breakfast table with the special hanger, I realized the wreath hung too low to add the long icicle ornaments I had planned to hang from the wreath. Instead, I hung one beautiful mercury glass ornament with silver snowflakes printed on it. By hanging the onion shaped ornament tied to a gold braided cord from the ring that suspended the three iron hooks, the ornament hangs in the center of the wreath perfectly. 

Hang a mercury glass Christmas ornament in the center of a horizontal wreath above a dining table.
The ornament hangs low enough for the silver snowflake design to be visible easily, but without danger to anyone bumping into it since the wreath hangs over the table.  

Artificial snowy blue spruce evergreens and a white twig wreath will beautiful throughout the entire Christmas season
Fresh evergreens are my first choice for Christmas decorations, but a wreath hanging inside will dry out. By using a twig wreath and artificial snowy greenery, the hanging wreath will look as beautiful the last day it hangs as the first day. 

The simple style with the single mercury glass ornament looks beautiful even without the planned glass icicle ornaments. 

Hanging a snowy horizontal Christmas wreath from a high ceiling gives room for adding glass icicles and snowflakes
All of the items to create the snowy horizontal Christmas wreath were for sale in my annual French Country Christmas event in the garden shed earlier this year. The wreath hung from a higher ceiling than in my breakfast area. 

A snow themed horizontal wreath includes glass icicles and snowflakes
The higher ceiling gave plenty of room to hang the glass icicles and beaded glass snowflake ornaments from the wreath. 

Blown glass icicles and beaded glass snowflake ornaments sparkle in both natural light and Christmas tree lights
The 8" and 11" icicles are blown glass with gold glitter inside. The beaded glass snowflakes have scores of beads. Both the icicles and snowflakes sparkle from sunlight during the day as well as from light reflected from Christmas tree lights at night. Every year it seems it gets harder to find ornaments made from glass instead of plastic or acrylic. 

Which version do you prefer?

I like the snowy wreath in its simple version over my breakfast dining table, and I also like the more elaborate version filled with glass icicles and snowflakes. Which do you like better? 

Step by step instructions for hanging a horizontal boxwood wreath using wire
You may also enjoy reading Hanging Horizontal Boxwood Wreath about the first horizontal wreath I created a few years ago. Step-by-Step instructions explain how to hang a horizontal wreath using wire instead of the special wreath hanger used for this year's horizontal wreath. 

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