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French Country Powder Room

Friday, August 20, 2021

While looking for new wallpaper for the upstairs bathroom renovation, I found a beautiful French-style scroll design perfect for the guest powder room downstairs. Which inspired more design ideas for a mini refresh for the powder room to add more distinctive French Country style. 

French Country Powder Room

The guest powder room bathroom underwent a major renovation a couple of years ago which updated its style from American Country to French Country. At that time, I couldn't find a wallpaper with French flair that I liked. Nor could I decide to paint the walls instead of wallpapering. So, the old faded wallpaper remained... Until next week when the new blue and white French scroll wallpaper is being hung! 




  1. Paper over the existing wallpaper on the walls above the white paneling. 
  2. Paint over the existing wallpaper on the ceiling. 
  3. Install a new carved wall medallion on the ceiling above the light fixture.
  4. Hang a small French-style light fixture from the ceiling. 
  5. Add highlights to the carvings in the new French-style mirror. 

New Wallpaper 

French Country Powder Room

The new wallpaper for the guest powder room bathroom was part of the Bulletin Board Inspiration for the French Finesse upstairs bathroom remodel that is still not scheduled to begin. When the wallpaper sample arrived, and I saw the sample in the guest bathroom downstairs, I realized this was exactly the paper for that bathroom. Good things do sometimes come from delayed projects.  

I ordered a sample for another wallpaper pattern that may be just the paper for the upstairs bathroom, and it is enroute. The new sample is scheduled to arrive in two days! 

French Country Powder Room
May I say again... the scroll leaf wallpaper in blues, golds, and white is the perfect wallpaper to replace the old blue, pink, green, and white be-ribboned wallpaper? The new chrome towel bar installed during the earlier major renovation of this room looks so much better with the new scroll leaf paper sample. 

Ceiling Paint Color 

French Country Powder Room
The old ceiling wallpaper is tightly affixed, and only needs a little preparation in order to paint over the paper with new blue paint in a shade of one of the blue colors in the scroll wallpaper. One of my main jobs this weekend is to choose the new blue paint for the ceiling. 

Carved Wood Medallion 

French Country Powder Room
A carved wood medallion for the wall can also be used as a tray on a flat surface, but with a minor adjustment it can also be converted into a decorative ceiling medallion above a light fixture. A circular hole needs to be cut from the center of the round medallion for an electrical junction box to connect to the wiring of a ceiling light fixture. 

The carved medallion is 19.5" in diameter, big enough to make a statement on the ceiling, but not so big as to completely overpower the small bathroom. 

The white will be a beautiful accent to a newly painted blue ceiling. While many people love chippy white painted wood, I prefer to have a little less chippy look for the bathroom ceiling. I plan to add more white paint to the medallion. 

I can see the blue ceiling, white medallion, and a new hanging light fixture in my mind's eye. I am going to love the French-style ceiling! 

Hanging Light Fixture 

The hunt is on for a new small French-style hanging light fixture. I am looking for something NOT decorated with a classic French chandelier style of crystals, gold, and elaborate design. Rather, I am looking for something more Provin├žal French Country that will go with my post and beam house better than glamorous Parisian chandeliers. 

French-Style Mirror 

French Country Powder Room
I found a new French-style wood carved mirror shortly after the major renovation of the guest bathroom, but have never written a post to reveal the mirror after it was hung. Why not? Because I sanded down the chippy plaster on the wood and repainted the mirror, but never really finished the make-over. I need to add accents to the white paint to tone down the blah-white look. This mini refresh of the small bathroom is just the incentive I need to finish the mirror. 

The French Country new additions to the small powder room bathroom should be finished by the end of August when I will share pictures from every angle and list all the sources for the small update. 

Keep your fingers crossed with me that the upstairs bathroom major renovation will start soon! 


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